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Sola fides

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Sola fides (Latin for "faith alone"[1]) is the doctrine taught in most branches of Protestant Christianity that states that salvation is earned solely by acceptance of Jesus' execution by the Roman authorities as a sacrifice for the sin of humanity, and that one's works of good will or charity have no bearing on one's right to a place in Heaven. This doctrine was based on Martin Luther's interpretation of the words of Paul on Salvation, which claims that good works are not sufficient to achieve salvation in the eyes of YHWH.[2]

This doctrine is not universally accepted by all Christian denominations; the Roman Catholic Church in particular rejects sola fides, treating heaven as a meritocracy of the faithful.

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  1. It is properly pronounced /'sola 'fides/, though if you want to tweak fundies, you can always say /'sola fi:dz/ so you can say "Sola fides? In my vagina?"
  2. Romans 9:30-33 being one example of Paul's teaching.