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Lingua Latina est lingua Indoeuropaea qua in Roma antiqua Romani utebantur. Linguam Latinam "linguam mortuam" appellare solemus, tamen institutionibus academicis adhuc lingua Latina docetur. Linguae vivae multae, sicut Italiana, Gallica, Hispanica, Lusitana, Catalana, Sarda, Rhaetica, ex Latina ortae sunt.

Latin is a "dead language" that was used in ancient Rome. Many modern living languages are descended from Latin, notably Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Sardinian and Romanian. And though English isn't descended from Latin, it has a considerable number of Latin loanwords, either coming from it directly, or via French. People often use Latinisms to sound clever.

Latin today[edit]

Until recently, Roman Catholic Masses were performed in Latin.[1] A Latin document effectively helped priests to carry on abusing children (see Crimen Sollicitationis).

Many Latin phrases are used in law, logic, and Astérix comics; these phrases are usually italicised to indicate their foreign origin. Many university mottoes are in Latin, and some fancy schmancy universities like Yale print their diplomas in Latin.[2][3][4]

Latin is also used, along with Greek, for the roots of scientific names for genera and species of living things.[5]

Contrary to rumor, neither Dan Quayle nor George W. Bush ever expressed a desire to learn Latin for an upcoming trip to Latin America.[6]

Dog Latin[edit]

In case you want to say something in Latin but don't know how, use the {{Dog latin}} template.


The book Le français ne vient pas du latin attempts, but fails, to prove that the Romance languages are not descended from Latin, but rather from "old Italian". Certain Romanian nationalists, in their eternal quest to prove that Romanian is not derived from Latin, have unsurprisingly latched onto this work as supposedly being support for their ethnocentric nonsense.

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