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For some algorithmic reason beyond my ability to understand or control, I cannot escape Dr. Ron Paul. I did something inadvertently that led Dr. Ron Paul and his business partners to believe that I wanted to sample his loon-ness and perhaps pay for it. Nothing could be less true. He might as well be Dr. Spam who also visits my email addresses regularly.
—David Rutter[1]
Mobile phone-based spam in Vietnamese

Spam is unsolicited commercial email, commercial phone text message, or inappropriately added commercial text in a wiki page. From the perpetrator's perspective, it is the art of forcing everyone else to look at the perp's stupid advertisement and hoping some of them are stupid enough to reply to it.

Spam tends to help promote political conspiracy theories ("OBAMA FAKES ASSASSINATION, COMING FOR YOUR GUNS?!") and marketable pseudoscience ("NEW HERB INCRESES PENIS BY 8 10 15 INCHES?!").

Most spam is loathsome, but the original Spam® is highly prized in some places such as Hawaii, where it is now regularly stolen by low-level criminals.[2]

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