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Log in: is a far-right Russian nationalist website that promotes xenophobia, chauvinism and conspiracy theories against minorities. For reasons that are inexplicable the Wikipedia Foundation and Russian Wikipedia leadership consider it inappropriate to "insult" the website and it's editors, contents, and outlandish claims by refering to it as a white supremacist conspiracy theory source, despite the fact that it's senior editors are prone to comparing people of color to insects and monkeys.[1]

Crackpot claims[edit]

  • The supposed "fact" that Crimean Tatars don't eat fish (actually they do; fish used to be a staple of Yaliboylu Crimean Tatar cuisine and is recognized so by the Russian government itself[2]) is cited as supposed "proof" that Crimean Tatars don't have any European lineage. Forget all those pesky DNA tests[3] and comments from Russian anthropologists like Aleksandr Vasilyev noting how Tatarized the European peoples of Crimea became.[4] Hey, it's not like the Koryo Saram that grew up in Uzbekistan also eat much less fish than mainland Koreans.[5]
  • Falsely alleges that only "100-150" Crimean Tatars were faithful to the Red Army, despite the fact that, the official Russian database of veterans of the Great Patriotic War indicates that thousands upon thousands of Crimean Tatars laid down their lives for the Red Army during the war.[6][7]
  • Compares the movie "Haytarma" celebrating double Hero of the Soviet Union flying ace Amet-khan Sultan to Nazi propaganda, because apparently Crimean Tatars are supposed to spit at Amet-khan's legacy to prove loyalty to mother Russia.[8]
  • Calls Crimean Tatars "Pechenegs", "Tatars of Taurida" instead of proper terms like "Crimeans" "Crimean Tatars" "Qirimlilar" or "Tatarized Crimeans"[9]
  • Claims that Amet-khan Sultan is not Crimean Tatar because Crimean Tatars supposedly can't be matrilineal (some are; as if non-Crimeans have the right to gatekeep identity anyway) and that Amet-khan's personal self-identification as Crimean Tatar doesn't matter[10]
  • Fearmongers about the creation of a Crimean "Black lives matter movement". Because clearly BLM is the root of all evil in America[11]
  • Falsely uses photos of Yugoslav Nazis as examples of "Crimean Tatar" traitors. Because apparently Crimean Tatars are the new Christ of Nations must bear of sins of all Muslim peoples of Europe from the Balkans to Azerbaijan, but don't get the glory of the heroism done by actual Crimean Tatars like Amet-khan.[12]

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