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The Spartacist League (SL), officially known as the International Communist League (Fourth International), is a Trotskyist organization named after the original Spartacus League (Spartakusbund), a German revolutionary group in the post-World War I period. While the historical group was led by famous socialists like Rosa LuxemburgWikipedia and actually managed to start a short-lived uprising, the modern group is mostly known for its extreme sectarianism, support for NAMBLA, and for calling leaders like Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Colonel Gadaffi "reactionary" but then becoming their staunchest defenders whenever they seem to be "under attack" by imperialism. They hate the equally nutty Maoist group, Revolutionary Communist Party, mainly because they see it as sex-negative. Lyndon LaRouche was also involved with them at one point.

We're not kidding on the NAMBLA part; they characterize the pedophile advocacy organization as "tiny beleaguered group" that "simply advocates the decriminalization of consensual sex between men and boys."[1] The Spartacist League also supports Roman PolanskiWikipedia without even trying to deny what he did like most of his supporters do. They say that raping a 14-year old girl is perfectly acceptable "based on our Marxist programme for women's liberation through socialist revolution."[2] This interpretation of "women's liberation" is unlikely to gain ground with many feminists.

If their support of pedophiles isn't repugnant enough, the SL has, during the fight for KobanîWikipedia in late 2014, given tacit support to none other than ISIS[3] instead of the socialist Syrian Kurds because they have committed the crime of not wanting to die and thus, made a pact with Satan the devilish US to fend off the barbaric loons. Apparently the Kurds should have just used their brittle Soviet-era weaponry and consequently have been killed, expelled and raped[notes 1] in honor. The SL's reasoning is that while admitting that ISIS is a fascist organization, US imperialism is worse in comparison and roughly summed it up as "Currently ISIS targets the goons of the imperialistic US in Syria (even though the US could theoretically still switch support to ISIS in the future), therefore: Go, ISIS!"[4][5]

They're also known for showing up at Democratic Socialists of America conferences to harangue people and start verbal fights, yelling at passersby "You killed Rosa!"[notes 2] When the socialists and anarchists show up for a demo, the Spartacists are the ones with the very well-made signs and the stupidly elaborate chants.

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  1. Considering their quasi-support of rapists, they might even endorse it
  2. A reference to Germany's social democratic party (SPD) collaborating with the Freikorps whose members summarily executed Rosa Luxemburg during the German Revolution of 1918–19. The DSA endorses many Social Democratic policies, so this makes sense only in some kind of twisted troll logic.


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