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Edit filter management

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Welcome to the Edit Filter management interface. The Edit Filter is an automated software mechanism of applying automatic heuristics to all actions. This interface shows a list of defined filters, and allows them to be modified.

To discuss this feature, please go to RationalWiki talk:Edit filter

All filters

Deleted filters:   
Disabled filters: 
Number per page:
Filter ID Public description Consequences Status Last modified Visibility Hit count
1 Blanking articles Warn, Tag Enabled 23:53, 2 February 2016 by FuzzyCatPotato (talk | contribs) Public 1,278 hits
11 Edit caught by spamfilter. If this is not spam, please go to RationalWiki:Technical support. Warn, Disallow Enabled 13:31, 13 August 2018 by FuzzyCatPotato (talk | contribs) Private  
24 New editor created questionable userpage (has external links or is in another users' userspace) Tag Enabled 12:10, 15 July 2017 by Christopher (talk | contribs) Public 14,495 hits
41 Drumpf Tag Disabled 09:41, 24 March 2018 by Kazitor (talk | contribs) Public 194 hits
44 Phone number in page title Warn, Disallow Enabled 04:29, 17 March 2016 by FuzzyCatPotato (talk | contribs) Public 143 hits
47 Really tiny stub Tag Enabled 15:06, 19 June 2017 by Christopher (talk | contribs) Public 799 hits
48 Fake biography spammer Warn, Disallow, Block Enabled 00:52, 5 August 2018 by Kazitor (talk | contribs) Private  
49 Blanking a high-traffic or frequently-blanked page Warn, Disallow Enabled 21:18, 25 August 2017 by FuzzyCatPotato (talk | contribs) Public 18 hits
50 Section blanking Warn, Tag Enabled 16:30, 6 September 2017 by Christopher (talk | contribs) Public 302 hits
51 Account with a name that's > 25 characters created Warn, Disallow Enabled 22:01, 2 January 2018 by Kazitor (talk | contribs) Public 107 hits
53 Non-timestamped talk comment Tag Disabled 04:37, 2 July 2018 by Kazitor (talk | contribs) Public 16 hits