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The Advancement of Sound Science Center (formerly The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition, abbr. TASSC) is an astroturf lobby group, originally funded by tobacco company Phillip-Morris and APCO to fight smoking regulations. It is now focused primarily on replacing facts about smoking, pesticides, and climate change with their so-called "sound science." It is run by Steve Milloy. Although he claims that he has "not lobb[ied] for ANYONE" (no emphasis added), a 1994 Philip Morris memo listed TASSC among its "Tools to Affect Legislative Decisions".[1]

Known members[edit]

  • Steve Milloy, who runs the website Junk Science and shows up on Fox News every once in a while as their resident "Junk Science" Expert. He is also an anti-environmentalist (surprise, surprise). He popularized the term "junk science" to describe inconvenient facts, and "sound science" to describe convenient lies.
  • Michael Fumento, Stevie's BFF, an attorney who denies the importance of second-hand smoke, climate change, AIDS, SARS, swine flu, and the possibility of an avian flu epidemic.
  • Mickey Edwards, former Republican congressman (former congressman, that is, not former Republican). He's known mostly for his part in the House Banking ScandalWikipedia's W.svg.
  • Frederick Seitz, all-round expert for hire climate change denier who sat on the scientific advisory board until his death in 2008.
  • S. Fred Singer, like Seitz a proliferous expert for hire, was a scientific advisor to TASSC.[2]

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