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James Patrick Anthony "Jimmy" Dore (born 1965) is an American comedian, political commentator and conspiracy theorist.[1] He is the eponymous host of The Jimmy Dore Show and co-host of Aggressive Progressives (with Steve Oh) on The Young Turks (TYT) network. As of September 2018, his YouTube channel for The Jimmy Dore Show has over 401,000 subscribers and over 151 million pageviews.[2] He also has over 136,000 followers on Twitter.[3]

Conspiracy theories[edit]

As a guest on a YouTube show called Conspiracy Queries in November 2014, Dore said that "conspiracy theorist" is "such an empty, meaningless term."[4] Dore uses all the tactics of the average, run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorist, such as saying that you should not believe anyone from the government,[5] you should "stop listening to the assholes on mainstream news media",[6][7][8] and he has information that you won't hear on "mainstream news."[8] Dore believes the debunked[9] claim that "the term conspiracy theorist was invented by the CIA after the JFK assassination."[10][11]


Why would you need to shame people who question the government's view of what happened on 9/11? So that's what makes me suspect. They call them truthers. They name them so you can dismiss them. As soon as you ask a question about 9/11 they go "oh, you're a truther."
Alex Jones Jimmy Dore[12]

In episode 58 of the podcast Comedy and Everything Else in August 2009, Dore talked about his views on 9/11:

David Feldman: Are you a Tower 9 person?
Dore: You mean Building 7?Wikipedia's W.svg
Feldman: Or is it Building 7 or...?
Dore: Well there is no explanation for that and everyone just pretends like you're a maniac. It's that same shit. It's like the big lie. Has a building, has a steel structure, fallen since from fire? Since 9/11? No. Guess what? None ever fell before either. And Building 7 fell and it wasn't hit by fucking anything.


Dore: Have you heard of an explanation for the Building 7 falling?
Feldman: Popular Mechanics which, you know, dismissed the whole thing. They spent a lot of time going into it and then the conspiracy buffs--
Dore: That is bull-- Well, I'll have to, you know what, I'll have to look up the Popular Mechanics Building 7 theory because whatever it is it has got to be bullshit. There is no fucking way.
Feldman: What I heard, according to Popular Mechanics, that metal doesn't melt-- steel doesn't melt--
Dore: Yeah, you have to get it at a certain temperature. Jet fuel doesn't even burn at a hot enough temperature to melt that kind of material.
Stef Zamorano: ...for all of those levels to collapse.
Dore: Plus and that stuff was fireproofed. That stuff was fireproofed anyway. Those buildings were built to withstand a fucking jet crashing into them and they took it easily. You saw. Two jets flew into those towers. They took them easily.


I'm not saying it was an inside job. I'm saying that there are a lot of questions that are not answered because we haven't had the proper investigation.


I think that what definitely happened was that they let it happen. At the very least the Bush administration let it happen. Because those hijackers are not that brilliant. There's no way.[13]

Dore talked about 9/11 again in episode 59:

I got a lot of email about David Feldman and I talked[sic] about Building 7 and 9/11 on the last podcast, and people sent me links to "here's Popular Mechanics and here's how they--". And I didn't even want to get into the World Trade Center falling down. I'll go so far as to say I'll buy their explanation of why the World Trade Centers collapsed even though it fell in ten seconds and there's so many problems with the theory. I'll give it to you. OK. The World Trade Center fell because two jets flew into it. Impossible, but it happened. OK.


Dore: So people sent me these links about Popular Mechanics. They explained how Building 7 fell. So I went to the website and I read Popular Mechanics explanation of how Building 7 fell.
Zamorano: And it sounds like it's probably going to be very detailed.
Dore: I'm like "oh, OK. I probably won't understand most of it...
Zamorano: ...they'll probably have graphs and...
Dore: ....all these graphs and charts...
Zamorano: ...and video.
Dore: They're gonna show me how the building was constructed...
Zamorano: ...the geometry of it...
Dore: ...and which beams fell first and how it..." It's three paragraphs. Got to be maybe tops fifty words and it explains nothing. It explains nothing. Totally fucking bullshit. And if anybody is satisfied by Popular Mechanics explanation of what happened to Building 7 then that's how Hitler happened. That's how the Iraq War happened. That's how every lie that ever got propagated by a government happens because you're willing to accept it.[14]

In January 2013, Dore still believed 9/11 conspiracy theories:

I believe in conspiracies. So, Gulf of TonkinWikipedia's W.svg, am I a conspiracy theorist if I think that the government used that as a false flag operation to get us into Vietnam, or is that a fact? Building 7. Now who you gonna believe? The government that lied us into a war or your lying eyes? Building 7 was demolished by somebody. It didn't fall down because of a fire. But if I say that, that makes me a "conspiracy theorist." I think the term conspiracy theorist has an undue amount of negativity attached to it.[1]

In May 2013, as a guest on Ari Shaffir'sWikipedia's W.svg podcast Skeptic Tank, he doubled down and elaborated on his views about 9/11 and Building 7:

Dore: I wouldn't call myself a truther. I don't know that the government was directly involved with 9/11. Like I don't think that they directly were involved. I think that when Building 7 went down, somebody was directly involved in that.
Dore: So a person willing to start a war on a lie wouldn't also be willing to let three thousand people get killed to start that war? That doesn't make any sense. He's gonna start a war that kills-- how many American soldiers have been killed? Four or five thousand, right? But they wouldn't let four or five thousand be killed in America? So that logic doesn't make sense. All I know is that Building 7 did not come down because a plane hit another building next to it.
Shaffir: Why did Building 7 come down?
Dore: You know, I don’t know.
Shaffir: If they were like “to get into a war”, it’s like two towers wasn’t enough?
Dore: I’m not gonna say.
Shaffir: Because I barely heard about Tower 7.
Dore: Well they say in Building 7 that there was lots of banking stuff in there. Wasn’t the CIA... wasn’t there a lot of stuff the CIA…? There was a lot of, like, sensitive info in that building and all this stuff. This is what I’ve been… you know what, I don’t know. We’re left to speculate because the government didn’t tell us the truth.
Dore: They have videotape of police and the firemen saying "get back, this building's gonna go." The guy who owned that building, they interviewed him. He tells the story of "we made the decision to pull it, to pull the building." He says "pull it" which means we're gonna implode it. That's another term for implode.[15]

He refused to back down on Twitter:

fishandpeas: @jimmy_dore I'm a great fan, but the evidence for building 7 controlled explosion is as scientifically compelling as global warming denial
Dore: @fishandpeas glad you like my comedy, you shouldn't be so trusting of war criminals.
fishandpeas: @jimmy_dore Me and Noam.
Dore: @fishandpeas p.s. global warming analogy needs work.[16]

Sorenzo4: @dpakman @Jimmy_Dore The explaination[sic] of Building 7 fall is very plausible. I think people who believe otherwise just WANT to believe that.
Dore: @Sorenzo4 who are you going to believe, the government or your lying eyes? #bridgeForSale #UShouldJumpOnIT
Sorenzo4: @jimmy_dore I don't see why they'd fake a building collapse after just taking out two skyscrapers. I'm not defending Cheney. HE'd do it.
Dore: @Sorenzo4 I would be more skeptical than u r being.
Sorenzo4: @jimmy_dore I'm perfectly sceptical of the government. Maybe YOU need to be more sceptical?
Dore: @Sorenzo4 I'm not sure we are using that word the same, assume gov is lying and work back from there.[17]

Dore made similar comments about 9/11 in 2014:

They say "you don't believe in a God?" and I say "I don't know what is out there. I know what isn't out there. I know there isn't an invisible man in the sky, like the Bible tells us, who gives a shit about my penis." I know that isn't happening. You know what I mean? It's like the same thing with when they talk about 9/11. I'll get in trouble here, but people say, "you think that George Bush blew up the towers?" and I go "I don't know what happened. I know what didn't happen. What didn't happen is what the government said happened." That did not happen the way they said.[18]

What’s funny to me is how people discredit the 9/11 people who don’t buy the government’s story. I don’t think anybody buys the government’s story, right? Do we? The stuff that we know about George Bush and Dick Cheney is way worse than what the 9/11 truthers are saying in the first place. So why would that be crazy? We know they started a war illegally, we know they ordered war crimes to cover it up, and now the torture report comes out and says there’s[sic] way more brutal than we ever knew. So the stuff that we know about them is worse than if they would have allowed 9/11 to happen in the first place.[19]


See the main article on this topic: Syria
SO @CNN is so scared of Youtube news channels that they R creating a fake crisis so that youtube will now fully demonetize independent news. My show goes against the Pro Syrian War narrative being uniformly pushed by Est. news, so they smear me hard.
“Ads also appeared on The Jimmy Dore Show channel, a far-left YouTube channel that peddles conspiracy theories, such as the idea that Syrian chemical weapons attacks are hoaxes.”
We actually De-Bubunk[sic] conspiracy theories, like the one that says Assad gassed his own people
—Jimmy Dore on Twitter[20]

Dore has entertained numerous conspiracies relating to the Syrian Civil War.[note 1] According to Dore:

Everything you're being told about Syria is a lie. Everything. Fucking everything. The White Helmets are fucking liars. It's all a lie.[21]

Since he does not trust the mainstream media, Dore uses numerous unreliable sources of information about Syria. For example, he described RT contributor[22][23][24] and conspiracy theorist[25][note 2] Eva Bartlett as an "independent Canadian journalist"[5][26] even though she openly says she is biased in favor of the Syrian regime.[24] Dore says Bartlett is a "real journalist" who is "willing to tell the truth" and is "reporting facts" about Syria.[26][5][27] He has interviewed Bartlett on The Jimmy Dore Show twice.[27][28]

Bartlett's conspiratorial claims about Syria include that footage from the White HelmetsWikipedia's W.svg (a volunteer search and rescue group) contains children who have been recycled in different reports,[29] and that the media manufactured a story about a hospital being bombed that she claims never happened.[30] Bartlett also claims that the "corporate media",[31] United Nations,[32] and human rights groups such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Médecins Sans FrontièresWikipedia's W.svg[33][34][35][36][5] are all conveniently lying about what is happening in Syria. Bartlett's claims have been widely discredited and debunked.[24][37][38][39][40][41][42][43][44][45][46][47]

Bartlett and Dore have helped a Russia-backed disinformation campaign targeting the White Helmets[48] that positions them as a terrorist organisation.[49][50]

Dore: The White Helmets aren't what they appear to be either. I know they got an Academy Award but there's lots of reporting that the White Helmets are on the side of the terrorists trying to overthrow Assad, that they're not neutral actors. There's lots of reporting that says that about the White Helmets. Eva Bartlett from Canada, who we've showed on this show, she went to Syria. She had the same reporting about the White Helmets, that they're in collusion with the jihadist rebels meaning ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.[51][note 3]

Bartlett is not the only unreliable source Dore has cited. He has used fellow conspiracy theorist SyrianGirlPartisan as a source.[52] He has cited the conspiratorial, Russian propaganda outlet RT[53][54] (and has defended them as a reliable source[55]). He repeated the conspiracy theory that the war is actually about a pipeline.[56][57][58][5] His source for this claim was the conspiracy-pseudoscience website Ecowatch.[59][60]

Dore believes that there have been multiple false flag attacks during the Syrian Civil War, including the Khan Shaykhun chemical attackWikipedia's W.svg in April 2017.[8]

It's the Al Qaeda who did this. They did it before, they're probably doing it again. It doesn't make sense that Syria would do this.[61]
This screams false flag.[62]

They're doing it again. They're trying to do a false flag gas attack so the United States bombs, which we're doing.[63]

There was also gas attacks. So there was two big gas attacks. The first one Barack Obama threatened to bomb Syria. Remember, they stopped because there was an agreement between Russia, Syria and the United States to get rid of all of Assad’s chemical weapons. That was their agreement. John Kerry kind of got hoodwinked into that agreement. So they did that. They got rid of all his chemical weapons, even though it was a false flag. The second one, they did another false flag where they said "oh, it was Assad gassing his own people" which he wasn’t because he was winning the war. ISIS was just hanging on barely and their only hope was to draw the United States into the Syrian conflict so they did another false flag gas attack.[64]

He has also said the April 2017 gas attack was "fake":

So you call him a Russian and you red-bait Trump constantly and then you have a fake gas attack [...][65]

He believes the attacks have been proven to be false flags:

Dore: By the way, the Syrian war is complete bullshit. Those gas attacks now have been completely debunked. I didn't believe them the first time.
Joe Rogan: So what happened during those gas attacks?
Dore: So, that's called a false flag. So what happens is they wanted the United States to come in on their side to bomb Assad, to overthrow him. And so what they would do is they would do a gas attack on their own people and then blame it on Assad and then...
Rogan: This has been proven?
Dore: Yes.
Rogan: That they did it?
Dore: Yes.[66]

Unsurprisingly, Dore has been proven wrong. In October 2017, investigations from the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria found that Syrian government forces were responsible for the April 2017 chemical attack.[67][68] After the UN's investigation, Dore admitted he was wrong doubled down, blaming the CIA for "false flag attacks" in Syria:

So you don't think that the CIA is still doing this exact same stuff today? You don't think that's what they're doing in Syria? Remember when they did those false flags in Syria? The chemical attacks, those were false flag attacks. Assad did not do those attacks.[69]

In February 2018, Dore alleged that U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim MattisWikipedia's W.svg admitted there was no evidence Assad used poison gas on his people, citing an opinion piece from Ian Wilkie in Newsweek.[70]

In 2013, Barack Obama wanted to bomb Syria because they said Assad gassed his own people [...] and they were sure of it by the way. Again, and this is the last one too. And then there was another one, that's when Trump bombed Syria. They said there was another gas attack by Assad. Neither of them was by Assad. [...] And so now, this is from February 8th. Newsweek: "Mattis admits there was no evidence Assad used poison gas on his people".[71]

However, Mattis was not claiming there was no evidence that Assad was responsible for the Khan Shaykhun attack. Mattis was actually referring to recent allegations of sarin use after the Khan Shaykhun attack.[72][73][74][75] Mattis' actual view about the Khan Shaykhun attack is that "there is no doubt the Syrian regime is responsible for the decision to attack and for the attack itself."[76]

After the Douma chemical attackWikipedia's W.svg in April 2018, Dore said it was a false flag attack and he is the "best journalist in the country" because MSNBC and CNN won't say that it was a false flag:

I'm already the best journalist in the country right now because turn on MSNBC and CNN and see if they're telling you what's really happening in Syria and that this is a false flag attack. Again, they won't even mention the last one was. Do you think they're gonna mention that frickin' Mattis said there was no evidence of the last one?[77]

And right now we're on the brink of World War III, it looks, over another false flag attack, which it looks like. "Jimmy, how can you be sure?" I don't know, what would be in it for Assad to do this?[78]

He said it fits a "pattern of false flags by ISIS who we're funding":

"Two days later, the White House was still only able to say that the attack fit the pattern of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's chemical weapon use." We just showed you that Mattis admitted the last one wasn't-- there was no evidence, and the one before that was debunked. So what pattern is that? You mean that pattern of false flags by ISIS who we're funding? You mean that pattern? It actually fits a pattern of false flags.[79]

According to Dore, the CIA admitted they were training ISIS and Al-Qaeda:

By the way, the CIA admitted that they were training ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria. They admitted that they were doing that.[80]

Despite Dore's strong opinions on Syria, in reality he is incredibly ignorant about the country. For example, in one video he admitted to not knowing if Bashar al-Assad was the President or King of Syria.[81] Additionally, in a video intended to mock Gary Johnson's ignorance about Syria, Dore incorrectly described Aleppo as "Syria's capitol[sic]" in the description of the video.[82]

Investigations from the United Nations (UN) and Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical WeaponsWikipedia's W.svg (OPCW) have concluded that Assad's forces were responsible for chemical weapons attacks in TalmenesWikipedia's W.svg[83] in 2014, Qmenas[84] and SarminWikipedia's W.svg[83] in 2015, and Khan Shaykhun[68][85] in 2017.[86][87] UN investigators have documented 27 chemical weapons attacks by Assad's forces according to a report in September 2017.[67] Despite this, Dore has said Caitlin Johnstone is "debunking the conspiracy that Assad gassed his own people":

What she’s doing is she’s debunking conspiracies you knucklehead. She’s debunking the conspiracy of Russiagate, debunking the conspiracy that Assad gassed his own people, debunking those conspiracies. That’s the opposite of being a conspiracy theorist.[88]

After he was called an apologist for Assad,[89] Dore said several of his critics were Al-Qaeda supporters and apologists.[90] This included fellow TYT contributor Francesca Fiorentini.[91] Dore also sent her direct messages on Twitter calling her a "fucking liar and a page chill[sic]" (paid shill),[92] a "fucking coward",[92] a "sack of shit"[93] and "a dishonest piece of shit".[93][note 4] Dore went on to say:

[...] if you think this is ending here you are sadly mistaken, because i'm[sic] making sure everyone knows who u[sic] are, not only at TYT but everyone everywhere I go is going to know about what a piece of shit you are[.][93]

After Fiorentini made his direct messages public, Dore said she was "crying victim"[102] and "played victim cuz[sic] I rightly called her a paid by Qatar lying piece of shit."[103] He also called journalist Shane BauerWikipedia's W.svg a CIA "operative", "shill" and "plant".[104] In October 2018, Dore released a statement where he apologised to Fiorentini and Bauer, saying he "crossed the line from passionate to nasty & hurtful" and "someone who calls himself a progressive should be more careful, measured, and respectful when interacting with fellow journalists, especially women, no matter the context."[105] He went on to say it was "unfair for me to accuse Francesca of being a pawn of the Qatar government" and he "should not have alleged that [Bauer] is affiliated with the CIA, because I have no evidence to support that allegation."[105] His statement did not include an apology or retraction for saying Fiorentini and Bauer are "pro Alqaeda[sic] in Syria".[90][105] Dore also did not apologise to the other people he called Al-Qaeda apologists or supporters, including an Arab journalist.[106][90]

Murder of Seth Rich[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Murder of Seth Rich
We're gonna talk about Julian Assange and the Seth Rich case. We're gonna talk about that because there is some interesting stuff going on. I know a lot of people have dismissed that and if you think anything about it you're crazy – that's where I come in.
—Jimmy Dore[107]

Dore was sympathetic to theories that Seth Rich's murder was connected to the Democratic National Committee leaks.[108] His first video about Rich was originally titled "DNC Staffer Seth Rich’s Murder Tied To WikiLeaks", but a question mark was later added.[109] During the video, and on Twitter, he said he was reserving judgment until he gets all the evidence:

I reserve judgment on everything until we see evidence. It would be nice to see evidence.[110]

Jared Beck: I agree with @jimmy_dore that Wheeler comes across as a clown. Doesn't negate disturbing facts/circumstances of #SethRich case though.
Dore: No doubt, i have multiple vids about topic. Lots of red flags, of course reserving judgement till get all evidence[111]

Dore also made the following comments during the video:

To me, this is red flaggy all over the place.[112]
A spokesman for Rich's family on Tuesday said Wheeler was not authorized to speak for the family and called assertions Seth Rich sent emails to WikiLeaks unsubstantiated. And he said even if purported emails were to surface, it would not necessarily mean Rich had helped [WikiLeaks]. Remember all that? You remember the guy who said that? His name is Bauman and we found out who he is. He's a regular Democratic PR spokesperson. Isn't that weird that they would have a PR guy from the Democrats [...] working for that family and he's the one saying-- Remember that? That's crazy. That is crazy that he's saying that. Remember he went on to say "even if tomorrow, an email was found, it is not a high enough bar of..." He's already discounting evidence they haven't found yet. "Even if we find evidence, it doesn't mean anything." That's a Democratic PR guy saying that. Why would they have a Democratic PR guy saying that if this investigation, if it really wasn't, if this guy really wasn't connected to the freaking WikiLeaks? Why would he be discounting information that hasn't even shown up yet? How can you discredit evidence that you haven't gathered yet? That's what he's doing and that guy's a Democratic PR spokesperson. This is frickin' fishy as all get out, baby. There is more to come on this, pal. There is way more to come on this.[113]

The next day, he made another video about Seth Rich:

There's a lot of weird questions about this. Is there something more to this? It certainly seems like there's something more to this.[114]

After one of the sources for the story was exposed as a fraud, Dore refused to back down, claiming that it didn't prove the story wrong.

I'm not discounting that Seth Rich doesn't have something to do with the DNC-WikiLeaks, 'cause there's a lot of red flags. There are a lot of questions around this story right now. [...] There is something to this story though. I don't want to discount it like "oh, you're crazy if you think there's something more to this story." There probably is something more to this story.[115]

Dore later suggested that right-wingers were "actually onto something" when they covered the Seth Rich story:

How about all those people who gave a shit just for covering an actual news story, the Seth Rich story, all those people who gave a shit like we're some kind of conspiracy theorist. And what has MSNBC been doing? Pushing a fucking conspiracy non-stop for over a year. Where's the Washington Post article about that? Oh, they only write articles about right-wingers who are actually onto something.[116]

JFK assassination[edit]

See the main article on this topic: John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory

Dore does not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone:

Dore: Do you believe in the single bullet theory? Which is--
Cara Santa Maria: Oh, God.
Dore: So if you believe that Oswald acted alone then you believe the government line but if you question that, you're a "conspiracy theorist". And that's the problem. They throw "conspiracy theorist" which are legitimate conspiracy theories with crazy ones like "oh, so you're a birther". No, I'm not a birther. That's crazy, but I do not believe the government line of the single bullet theory.[117]

Dore: I think it's horrible when people would point a finger at you and say "what are you, a conspiracy nut?" because you think something's fishy.
Ari Shaffir: It has those connotations.
Dore: Yes.
Shaffir: When you question it you're a conspiracy nut.
Dore: Yes. It's OK to question. I don't think Oswald acted alone. I don't think Building 7 fell-- Does that make me crazy? Am I a mental case?[118]

Dore: Remember what John F. Kennedy said. John F. Kennedy said he wanted to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces. Now he's dead. "Oh my God, that's a conspiracy." Do you see the conspiracies these motherfuckers cook up every day? That's what they do. They do terror on their own country. They lie to our own country. That's what the CIA does. Anybody, anything?
Ron Placone: I've never heard anybody in my life that buys the official JFK story. Like even someone like the most reserved people I know that really don't think outside the box much, even they're like "oh yeah, JFK, of course we don't know what really went down there."
Dore: Right.
Placone: Of course we don't know the truth there.
Dore: Come on.
Placone: Like, nobody buys--
Dore: You don't think it was like Bill Hicks said. It was that one guy and he was hanging out at the book depository by his toes.
Placone: Yeah, yeah. Well birds helped him. They flew him over, and then he...
Dore: And there was the one bullet. Why does anybody believe the government? Why does anybody believe the government about anything?[119]

2017 Las Vegas shooting[edit]

See the main article on this topic: 2017 Las Vegas shooting

In October 2017, Dore was a speaker at the "Tin Foil Hat Comedy Night".[120] Dore and Brendon WalshWikipedia's W.svg discussed conspiracy theories relating to the 2017 Las Vegas shooting:

Dore: I saw one picture of his room, I didn't see any shell casings. There should be a fucking pile of shell casings about four feet high. He shot sixty bullets a second for fucking ten minutes, are you kidding me?[121]

Walsh: There's a cab driver in the Mandalay Bay turnaround and you hear gunfire far away then you hear it right near the nightclub. And it's like that sounds like two different places.
Dore: Two totally different guns! Two totally different placements! I've heard that.
Walsh: But you're fucking psycho if—
Dore: If you say that you're mental. See, here's what's happening lately. You can have an open murder investigation, which is what this is, and you ask questions about it, you're immediately shouted down. That's not supposed to happen during an investigation. They haven't even concluded what the fucking real investigation was supposed to say. So that's suspicious, exactly what you say, super suspicious. Why are they taking down YouTube videos that question the official narrative? If those YouTube videos are wrong, who gives a fuck?[122]


In a comedy sketch with alt-right character "Saint Himmler", Dore said he doesn't believe in Pizzagate.[123] Despite that Dore does not believe Pizzagate is real, he has enabled the views of Pizzagaters. At the Tin Foil Hat Comedy Night, after Eddie BravoWikipedia's W.svg brought up Pizzagate and suggested that everyone at the top is fucking babies, Dore replied "there's something to what he's saying" and "you're not far off":

Bravo: The glue that's holding all the corruption together is all these old motherfuckers at the top are fucking babies. That's what's going on. It's not a joke but that's actually what's going on. The pedogate, the Pizzagate, all that shit, that's why people are being corrupt because they're all in on it. Everyone at the top, they're all fucking babies.
Dore: There's something to what he's saying, because I did a little research and our defence contracting companies will often procure young people, young boys and girls, for sex parties around the world. This is not news, by the way, to the Pentagon or the CIA. They know this. This is how they do business over there. So you're not far off.[124]

Dore has said the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia SkripalWikipedia's W.svg in March 2018 looked like a false flag and was obvious propaganda:

So to me it seems very suspicious. Suspicious meaning like they're the worst spies in the world if that's how they killed[sic] these people. Why don't they just put a Russian flag on them and say we did it? So it makes me think they didn't do it, just like the Assad gas attacks.[125]

"The government acted after Assange tweeted critically on Monday of Britain's accusation that Russia was responsible for the nerve agent poisoning of a Russian former double agent and his daughter in the city of Salisbury earlier this month." It looks like that is, again, another B.S. false flag. Isn't it funny? When the CIA wants to kill someone they drop them out of a window, no trace. But when Russia[n] spies want to kill someone they do it in the most Barney FifeWikipedia's W.svg way possible. They use it in such a traceable way. They do it in a way that can be traced directly back to Kremlin. Isn't that amazing that they would do it so sloppily like that? Yeah, that is amazing which is why they didn't do it.[126]

This couldn't be more transparent how bad the poisoning in the UK was of the double agent. How transparently obvious it was propaganda.[127]

General madness[edit]

Dore has entertained, supported or enabled many bullshit claims. This has resulted in Dore losing a portion of his audience, who feel he has stepped over the line in some cases.[128][129] Highlights include:

  • He presented unsubstantiated rumours about Hillary Clinton as if they were factual, including that Clinton started the birther movement in 2008,[130][131][132] and that she wanted to murder Julian Assange with a drone (yes, Dore really believed this).[133][134] He has also promoted fake stories relating to Hillary Clinton such as that Google manipulated search results to favor her,[135][136] and he wrongly speculated that she has Parkinson's disease.[137][138][139] In October 2017, Dore said he still thinks Hillary Clinton had Parkinson's:

I still think Hillary Clinton-- I still think she had Parkinson's by the way. It will come out in a few years that she has fucking Parkinson's.[140]

  • He has described Snopes as "completely worthless" and "Democratic propaganda."[141]
  • He seemed to feel "investigative journalist" James O'Keefe's CNN undercover videos help prove that the mainstream media has gone dangerously overboard in its zeal to undermine Trump.[142][143][144]
  • A December 2014 video on Dore's YouTube channel showed that he does not agree with the current scientific consensus on genetically modified food, because of course. Mark Thompson, who was the voice actor for Dore's video, stated that Monsanto has been "genetically modifying Americans for over a century."[145] Earlier, in November 2013, Dore supported the pseudoscientific claim that GMOs cause cancer.[146] Later the same month, Dore acknowledged that studies do not support the claim that GMOs cause cancer, but said that he still hates them.[147]

Other controversies[edit]

  • In July 2016, at the Republican National Convention, Dore was filmed spitting his drink in the face of Alex Jones after Jones crashed The Young Turks' live convention coverage.[148][note 5]
  • After it became clear that Bernie Sanders would not be the Democratic nominee, Dore remained staunchly anti-Clinton and strongly advocated against voting for her in the presidential election.[149][150][151] He even released a video where he asserted that a Donald Trump presidency would be better for progressives than a Clinton presidency.[note 6][152] Ben MankiewiczWikipedia's W.svg of The Young Turks was strongly critical of Dore's position in a heated on-air exchange.[153] Sam SederWikipedia's W.svg was also critical of the reasoning behind Dore's position.[154]
  • Dore believes that the Clinton campaign invented the Trump/Russia story to cover their failures.[155] He has described the idea that Trump colluded with Russia as "propaganda".[156]
  • While the police in the United States are certainly not above criticism, Dore has made generalisations about police officers that are hyperbolic and inflammatory. He has said that all cops are criminals,[157] people who become cops never do it for the right reasons,[158] and that heads of police unions are worse than any ISIS terrorist.[159] Along with these generalisations, Dore's views on the police are occasionally conspiratorial. In November 2014, Dore endorsed the conspiracy theory that police in Ferguson, in a false flag operation, deliberately started fires in order to blame the crowd.[160]

See also[edit]

  • Second-option bias – Dore relies heavily on this to make his arguments look sound.
  • Jill Stein – Dore endorsed Stein during her 2016 presidential bid and has used his show to promote her platform.[161][162] He unironically believed that she could have won the 2016 election.[163] Unsurprisingly, she, too, shares the same conspiratorial viewpoints as Dore. They're also both apologists for Fidel Castro.[164][165]
  • Glenn Beck – His Tea Party counterpart. Both have spread anti-Clinton conspiracies and fake news stories during the 2016 election. However unlike Dore, Beck was (at least until inauguration) against a Trump presidency.

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  1. Dore believes it's "not a real civil war."
  2. Bartlett is a writer for Globalresearch (a website that publishes many unsubstantiated conspiracies) and The Duran (another questionable source). On her website (linked to from her Twitter account), she discredits human rights groups because of their links to George Soros (link). For example, she discredits Human Rights Watch since it is "funded by Zionist billionaire" George Soros (link).
  3. Dore has also said the White Helmets are "bullshit", liars, and the claim that the White Helmets are there to help people is an example of fake news.
  4. For context, this shows the tweet from Fiorentini that Dore is reacting to, as well as the Twitter exchange leading up to it:

    @sahouraxo: Ron Paul: The evidence is very clear that the US has aligned itself with Al-Qaeda in Syria.[94]
    @jimmy_dore: Why won't American Corporate News Media tell the truth about Syria? Because they are, and always have been, Pro War. The people lying to you about Syria and calling it news are Traitors to the United States and Human Beings in general.[95] [Susan Sarandon Retweeted]
    @ejbeals: In which @SusanSarandon calls the Syria press--whose lives and pain she exploited for money and entertainment in the "Viper Club" film--"traitors to the United States and Human Beings in general." Astonishing.[96]
    @SusanSarandon: In which @ejbeals, journalist, misses the point of @jimmy_dore’s Tweet completely by replacing “American Corporate News Media” with “Syria Press.” American mainstream media is not the same as independent journalists on the ground in Syria and other war zones.[97]
    @joeyayoub: You retweeted an apologist of the Assad regime quoting a notorious Assadist, Susan. To do this after seven years of ongoing mass slaughter is disgusting. Feel some shame.[89] If you respect real journalists' reporting on Syria, why are you retweeting Dore? And do you know who that Assadist he retweeted is? I'm sick and tired of people using the invasion of Iraq 15 years ago to ignore absolutely everything that has happened in Syria since 2011.[98]
    @jimmy_dore: If you've never seen an actual Al Qaeda apologist, here you go. And he's sick and tired of people opposing illegal wars.[99]
    @shane_bauer: An Arab journalist criticizes support for Bashar Al Assad and he gets called an “Al Qaeda apologist” by a leftist white dude who knows nothing about Syria. Like the imperialists they oppose, people like Jimmy just use the Middle East as a prop to fulfill their view of the world.[100]
    @franifio: Thank you and others for naming this. The pathology on the left of painting the Middle East with the same brush to stick it to an imaginary democratic and media Illuminati is utterly delusional and disheartening. I say this as someone who wants to see Dore and others do better.[101]

  5. In case you were wondering, it was iced tea.
  6. How's that working out for you, Jimmy?


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