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Rhyming words[edit]

In the list of words goat rhymes with, "eukaryote" is listed twice. If this was intentional, just revert my edit.

Gary the Goat[edit]

It seems goats have now gotten into the comedy business. If you're in Australia you should try to catch his show.

Gary's YouTube channel — Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs

Serbian hip-hop queen Mila Pokrajac[edit]

Who is she? I can't find anything about her. She even existed? — Unsigned, by: / talk


Should be added.

Goats Don't Vote[edit]

It's not clear what implications this finding may or may not have for democracy in other species. Original source (equally paywalled if not more so) — Unsigned, by: TMqWQfNP9zx2FbrA / talk / contribs