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Like half of these examples aren't irony[edit]

Our list of examples contains very little irony (which isn't even ironic at this point... isn't that ironic?). Much of it is coincidence, a good chunk is actually hypocrisy (only some of which is ironic), and it's overall bad. I suggest it gets heavily shortened. Shadow of Lords talk 18:24, 2 December 2013 (UTC)

I would call a lot of the hypocritical things irony, but not everything on the page, not by a long shot. Here are what I think are good examples of irony:

  • Irony is that the drummer of ZZ Top, Frank Beard, is the only beardless member of the band.
  • Irony is the fact that the Bush administration patriotically took away our rights in the name of defending our rights. (although, YMMV on this one)
  • Irony is another conservative group that rants against raising the US debt limit defending itself when it enters financial trouble and takes out a line of credit.
  • Irony is when evangelical Protestant Americans oppose gay marriage as a means to defend marriage, yet seem to be oblivious to the fact that English-speaking Protestantism was founded by Henry VIII, who wanted to divorce his by-then-infertile wife and marry a much younger woman, whom he later had killed so he could (eventually) marry four more women.
  • Irony is when you text "I need to quit texting because I could die in a car accident," then drive your truck off a bridge.
  • Irony is when a motorcycle club goes on a protest ride against the law requiring them to wear helmets only to have one of the riders fall off his bike and die from an injury that would not have killed him if he were wearing a helmet
  • Irony is when a media anti-piracy group produces an anti-piracy PSA with a pirated music soundtrack.

And these are NOT good examples of irony:

  • Irony is when the fact that "Iron" is pronounced "I-ern," while the pronunciation for "Irony" is closer to they way "iron" is spelled.
  • Irony is that a military that costs six times more than its Chinese counterpart couldn't kill one frail, kidney-failing terrorist in a timeframe longer than WWI and WWII combined.
  • Irony is when the listeners of a well-known, overweight, Oxycontin-popping nutjob buy into the right-wing meme that Michelle Obama is fat and that her advocacy for better nutrition is bad for your health because...well, because the insane overweight opiate addict sez so.

The last example is just Limbaugh-bashing--which is fine, I guess; this is RationalWiki--but it isn't irony. Now, if he had given out nutrition advice of his own while decrying Michelle Obama's, then that would be irony. Chromanebula (talk) 16:27, 28 May 2016 (UTC)