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On gun control[edit]

I read the section and I feel it's too charged, relies a little too much on informal "snark", and not enough substance, so I had to rewrite the section. Particularly, there has been statements like "guns are a real problem when 'bad guys' have them" which is not quite true, if gun statistics are anything to go by. Just as how vehicles being used as a weapon are relatively uncommon, yet people still die a lot from car crashes for many reasons, guns are frequently involved in many deaths and injuries, though unlike a car, those gun injuries are easily preventable by simply not owning a gun, which is far more feasible than not having a car. S'yeah, @TheEOE, since you wrote the section, I do hope my revision is better, if not more "boring" I guess. --It's-a me, Lgm sigpic.png LeftyGreenMario! 19:22, 9 June 2018 (UTC)

Thanks for the improvements @LeftyGreenMario. Imo, I thought there was too much snark in my arguments as well. And I was kind of sketchy with some of my arguments as well. I'll try to bring a more rational response when I'm finished with Wheeler's segment.

Liz Wheeler[edit]

Do we need to make a separate article on Liz Wheeler? She does make a lot of pro-conservative talking points and is quite notable to some. Also, I'm afraid there's to much to address and it may drive the attention away from the main OANN article. TheEOE (talk) 20:50, 9 June 2018 (UTC)

Scathing criticism[edit]

The Atlantic: Trump’s Favorite TV Network Is Post-parody. One America News is the straight truth for Trump fans, and completely surreal for everyone else. "...let’s savor a virtue of the network that just about everyone can acknowledge: It’s unwatchable." Cosmikdebris (talk) 03:13, 20 May 2020 (UTC)

OAN Maddow lawsuit dismissed[edit]

Court Listener: Herring Networks Inc. vs. Rachel Maddow "Plaintiff Herring Networks, Inc. filed a complaint for defamation against Rachel Maddow; Comcast Corporation; NBCUniversal Media, LLC; and MSNBC Cable LLC. (ECF No. 1.) The claim stems from a statement Rachel Maddow made on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. Soon after Plaintiff filed suit, Defendants filed a special motion to strike pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure § 425.16, commonly known as the Anti-Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (“Anti-SLAPP”) law. (“Mot.,” ECF No. 18.) The Court held oral argument on the Motion on May 19, 2020. For the reasons discussed below, the Court GRANTS Defendants’ Motion to Strike." Cosmikdebris (talk) 23:25, 22 May 2020 (UTC)