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Gentlemen! I will crackle your precious bomb, enabling me to destroy atheism on the internet. You should all be maturing over Operation Volvo, which will likely give Conservapedia a top result on a certain search engine starting with G.

Gentlemen at a somewhat liberal website,

What is it like in your alternative reality? your comments in regards to Richard Dawkins and peanut butter are very silly. As per the homosexual agenda and deceit, you ignore the fact that Gentlemen who idolize Richard Dawkins, there is a video I think you need to see. It shows Richard Dawkins latest debate, and I think you will agree that he does not do very well, and that he most certainly lacks machismo!In fact, by Adolph Hitler's birthday, it is likely the pearl-clutching pansies at RationalWiki will have lost all vestiges of credibility. :) :) :)

Rest assured, Operation Pamplona is gathering steam!!! It's clear that evolutionists will be running for the hills in regards to their Google rankings, which will likely be going rapidly downhill in the not too distant future. Sincerely,

A user of the Conservative account

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Is your talk page lacking Ken's idiotic blathering? Try the {{Kenquote}} template!

How to use the template:

  • If you'd like Ken to address a particular gentlemen: {{kenquote|gent=user's name}}.
  • To change what the fuck Ken is talking about, and what he's connecting it to: {{kenquote|subject1=whatever|subject2=something}}.
  • To input your own name for his idiotic operation: {{kenquote|operation=operation name}}.
  • To turn off the kenpics: {{kenquote|kenpics=}} (i.e., with no value after the = sign).
  • To indent the message: {{kenquote|dent=:}}, or however many colons you need to indent it by.
  • You can use these options in any combination. Otherwise, {{kenquote}} blathers on however he chooses.

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