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It's a social construct
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Spectra and binaries
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Transgender Reality is a TERF blog dedicated to spreading the notion that transgender people are "coached" and "recruited" into becoming transgender.[1] This is a psychological impossibility because gender is biologically imprinted in the brain during pregnancy.[citation needed] Even if a cisgender person could be convinced that they were trans (let's say they're in a very suggestible and vulnerable state), they wouldn't make it far into transitioning before they started feeling the severe sense of wrongness that plagues transgender people as their gender stopped matching what their brain expected.[2]

Claims of transgender "recruitment" are totally different from paranoid ravings about a homosexual conspiracy to seduce and "recruit" children because... um... because shut up, that's why.

People who see themselves as gender non-conforming might be pressed into questioning their gender by online transgender communities. Some of them might realize they are transgender, others will realize that they are non-binary, and others will still see themselves as cis. It's better to help people question their gender and learn about themselves than to keep their identity repressed.

TL;DR: gender identity can't be imposed by "recruiters" in the minds of TERFs. If you question your gender, you'll realize what was there all along.


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