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The European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW) is a Brussels-based TERF group that portrays itself as a group working for migrant women, but that spends a lot of energy on participating in the culture war against trans people.[1] They have declared themselves to be part of the "gender-critical" (TERF) movement.[2] A seemingly well-funded group active across several countries, they are a major player in the anti-trans echo chamber on social media, and collaborate with other well-known TERF groups such as FiLiA and WDI. They have been described as a trans exclusionary group that "unequivocally supports and stands being J.K. Rowling’s position on sex and gender" and which publicly misgenders trans women.[1]

Anti-trans activism[edit]

On Twitter and other social media they are a significant player in the anti-gender and anti-trans landscape, and a significant amount of their content has very little to do with migrant women. Instead they frequently share material that stigmatize trans women, promote the talking points of the anti-trans right particularly in the United Kingdom, hero-worship J.K. Rowling[3] and share materials published by other prominent TERFs. The group also collaborates with Women's Declaration International (WDI) and other TERF groups, and has appeared in WDI's "Feminist Question Time."[4]

The group appears to be well-funded with a significant amount of activity across different countries including the UK, Belgium and France. Many of the activists appear to be British or French and not migrant women at all, echoing how the white leadership of Women's Declaration International created a "Black Women's Caucus" solely for the purpose of promoting transphobia in the name of black people. It has an affiliated group called "Radical Girlsss" that portrays itself as its "young women movement", and that also hero-worships Rowling for her anti-trans activism.[5]

In a telling statement posted by their official Twitter account, ENoMW accused – in conspiratorial language – Stonewall of being "gender theologians" and promoted the TERF talking point about diversity and respect for transgender people being "science denialism", while declaring themselves as part of the "gender-critical" (TERF) movement:

@Nancy_M_K why to reverse facts? We - “GC (gender critical) movement” - do not appose stereotypes (that @stonewalluk and @victor_madrigal promote globally) for “theological reasons”, but because 1) outdated sexist ideas abt girls&boys are harmful 2) science denialism can be fatal 3) sex discrimination and women’s de facto equality matters . #FactsNotFiction unlike gender theologians like yourself or UN Special Rapporteur on SOGI who promotes deeply regressive anti-human rights ideas about inborn gender aka feminine/masculine soul, akin to the fatwas issued by mullahs in Iran, we believe in reality, equality and progress
—European Network of Migrant Women[2]

They have also promoted TERF memes comparing progressives to the Taliban,[6] and mocking inclusive language.[7]