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Homosexual recruitment

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Homosexual recruitment is the working title of a conspiratorial moral panic spun into existence by some rather creepy people of the wingnut tendency.[2]

Among proponents of the theory, homosexual recruitment is typically considered part (and likewise indicative) of the larger homosexual agenda.

Important evidence cited in favor of the conspiracy is the perplexing fact that 'gays' have been observed giving each other toaster ovens.[3]

The nuts[edit]

As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children.
—Anita Bryant[4]

It posits that there is a concerted effort by the gay population to place large numbers of gay teachers in schools. Then, drawing from their idea that homosexual tendencies are acquired in youth, it goes on to claim that said gay teachers are there to seduce children and turn them gay.

It also draws on pseudo-psychological quackery regarding pedophilia. This form of bullshit posits the notion that gay men are all pedophiles and molest little boys, "pedophile" being used very broadly to refer to "anyone sexually attracted to an individual between 0 and 17 years of age, inclusive." They allegedly engage in this molestation because they know that such abuse will turn the children gay later in life; thus, the gay man "recruits" because he cannot reproduce.[5] For this reason, fundamentalist wingnuts often support quack psychotherapies like repressed or recovered memory "therapy" (to find "proof" of child sexual abuse in gay people) and reparative therapy (to "cure the gay").

Various wingnuts have found homosexual recruitment lurking in a number of other areas as well. Pat Robertson, for example, "discovered" that feminism is actually a front for turning women into lesbians (and socialism, Paganism, and sundry other bogeymen).

This panic led to the Briggs Initiative in 1978, a proposition to ban not only gays, but also anyone who supported gay rights, from working in California public schools. However, even Ronald Reagan went against this measure,[6] and it was defeated at the polls. Britain's infamous Section 28 law was also passed into law, partly out of fear of gay "recruitment".[7]

In 2013, the Russian government unanimously passed a law banning promotion of "homosexual behaviour among minors",[8] which was met with protests in Russia and abroad. Proponents of this law try to claim that it is a complete coincidence that its passage was accompanied by a large spike in violence against Russia's LGBT population.

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