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I hope you like boxes.

A fairly uninteresting person.

My pastimes are existing, overusing italics and trying to be funny.

Most of my contributions will likely involve grammatical edits, Fun page edits and maybe a couple of stubs.

Stuff to do[edit]

Userboxes to make at some point. Only a few really apply to myself.

  • This user supports the Australian Greens.
  • This user would probably support the Australian Socialist Alliance if they actually got anything done.
  • This user thinks the butler did it.
  • This user is cishet white male scum.
  • This user thinks using the third-person plural is better than creating new pronouns.
  • "What's the Italian word for 'pizza'?" (entry-level Italian)
  • This user hates bogans.
  • This user is Legion.
  • This user prefers the Oxford comma.
  • This user supports the rights of Indigenous Australians.
  • This user does not believe polygamy is immoral, but does believe it would result in some wicked jealousy.
  • This user is Bueller.