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The Socialist Alliance is an Australian democratic socialist party founded in 2001. While rejecting capitalism, they also reject the more dogmatic, authoritarian strains of Marxist-Leninist thought, and thus oppose (but are still commonly confused with) the Socialist Alternative group. Like most democratic socialists, the Socialist Alliance seek to extend democracy beyond the limits of representative, liberal democracy; embracing elements of decentralized, direct democracy as a way to not only run politics, but the economy as well. Despite their seemingly anti-authoritarian beliefs, they are Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro apologists.[1]


According to their website,[2] their party is based on 5 principles:

  1. Solidarity and collaboration - not dog-eat-dog competition and rivalry
  2. Environmental sustainability - living in harmony with the planet
  3. Participatory democracy - not just voting for "representatives" every three years
  4. Social economy - putting people's need before corporate profit
  5. True equality - between peoples, nations, religions and the sexes

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