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Second Law of Thermodynamics 1

Piltdown Man 2

Show us the Transitional forms! 3

Darwinism is a religion! 4

Marxism was based on Darwinism! 5

Darwin was an Atheist, therefore he was WRONG! 6

Microevolution, yes. Macroevolution, NO! 7

Mutations can only lose information! (whatever that is) 8

Haeckel's diagrams of embryos were wrong, so EVOLUTION IS ALL A FRAUD. 9

What about polystrate fossils? 10

Obviously, the speed of light has decreased over time, because shut up. 11

Things are bad right now, and it's all Darwin's fault! 12

Lots of myths mention a Great Flood, therefore OUR version of that myth must be true. FREE SPACE

"EVILution" 14

The world is so perfect for humans, it MUST be God's work! 15

The BIBLE says... 16

Intelligent Design is SCIENCE, too! 17

The evils of Social Darwinism show that Darwinism is evil and therefore wrong. 18

I don't understand your argument, so it must be false. 20

Most Americans are Christians/creationists, therefore the Bible is right. 21

HITLER believed in Evolution! 22

Fossils were laid down in the great flood. 23

Without God and the Bible to tell you what is right and wrong there can be no morality. 24

Evolution makes ugly things. Creation makes butterflies~ 27

(Put any 'excess' bad arguments here.)

  • The moths were pinned to the branch.
  • The bible confirms God exists.
  • God's word confirms the bible is right.
  • Dragons exist in Asian and European Myths. Therefore, the Bible is correct.
  • Why do you hate God so much?
  • Universities are biased against creationists, therefore creationists are right.
  • Evolution makes ugly things. Creation makes butterflies.
  • Scientists sometimes change elements of the Theory of Evolution or debate it. Therefore it is wrong and the earth was created 6,000 years ago.
  • Scientists never change elements of the Theory of Evolution or debate it. This is because they cling dogmatically to it; therefore it is wrong and the earth was created 6,000 years ago.
  • Feature X of species Y is irreducibly complex, and I will ignore scientists who reduce it for me.
  • All our articles are peer reviewed by people with theological degrees therefore they are as valid as yours.
  • Maybe you are descended from monkeys. I'm made in God's image.
  • Theories about the origin of life are not falsifiable, so they're not science, and therefore God exists.
  • There are many Youtube videos which support my position.
  • The sedimentary layers of the Grand Canyon prove the Flood.
  • If we come from monkeys, why are there still monkeys around?
  • We just interpret the evidence differently from evolutionists.
  • Separation of church & state isn't in the First Amendment.
  • The peer review process is just a way for evolutionists to suppress creationism.
  • Evolution is just a theory.
  • Because not everyone believes in evolution, there is a controversy to teach.
  • You cannot get intelligence from non-intelligence.
  • Naturalism can't explain everything!
  • The Universe had a beginning!
  • Cites
  • States something came from nothing, Intelligence came from non-intelligence, Life from non-life, etc.
  • Dinosaurs are described in the Bible.
  • Human and dinosaur footprints have been found together.
  • Evolution is the gateway to Hell!
  • Were you there?
  • Evolution replaces God with nature, ergo it's a divinisation of the latter.
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