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Matt Walsh

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Not to be confused with the former The Daily Show correspondent, Matt WalshWikipedia.

Matt Walsh is an anti-feminist blogger who runs the aptly named Matt Walsh Blog. Most of his blogs involve him mischaracterizing and insulting things that he doesn't agree with or like. Especially targeted are things like abortion, probably his favorite subject, as well as immigration, gender equality and feminist-oriented causes, such as the pro-choice movement.[1] On top of all this, he also writes for the 'News' source known as The Blaze. He also runs a podcast and is active in social media, mostly reposting articles from right wing media on his favorite topics with short, often one word, comments.

Walsh currently hosts The Matt Walsh Show at The Daily Wire.



He is anti-abortion, saying that "life is precious."[2] He has supported Alabama's 2019 bill that outlaws abortion in all cases, including rape and incest, as he believes forcing 12 year old rape victims to carry to term would help them get their crime discovered and increase the rapist's accountability, and abortion would otherwise destroy the evidence and encourage the rapist to continue molesting without consequence.[3] He bolsters such a terrible take with Planned Parenthood conspiracies such as linking to an article from a pro-life propaganda site that accuses Planned Parenthood of a sex abuse cover up,[4] and again using the same website to claim that "[r]apists use abortion to cover their tracks and Planned Parenthood helps them."[5] He also claims that "[t]he deadliest southern border in the world is the birth canal".[6]


Matt Walsh is also very well known for his fervent transphobia, believing that being trans is a mental illness[7] comparable to schizophrenia,[8] stating that "[t]ransgenderism is a myth that will lead to sexual deviancy"[9] and advocacy of pedophilia,[10] claiming all trans people are narcissists,[11] blaming acceptance of trans people for suicide rates of trans people,[12] and considering trans allies to be "biology deniers".[13]

Mental health[edit]

Walsh does not seem to believe in the theory that chemical imbalances lead to depression,[14][15] which it is strongly implied that he denies that antidepressants can treat it. While claiming that suicide is a choice, he also claims that the notion of chemical imbalances causing depression has supposedly been "thoroughly debunked over and over again", then proceeding to cite how drug companies bring in hundreds of millions of dollars treating it, with Walsh not even bothering to explain how what is supposedly a lie can make companies that much money.

Voting rights[edit]

Matt Walsh staunchly endorses stripping people of the right to vote if he considers them to be "ignorant" or "non-contributing,"[16] and specifically only wants people to vote if they pay taxes and have passed an 8th grade civics exam.[17]

Mens' Rights[edit]

Walsh presents a very cliched view of gender roles and mores, often attacking men who he disagrees with as unmanly. On the flip side he often expresses disdain at women in positions of authority or making public statements. Many elements of pop culture such as music, entertainment, and sports, especially women's sports, are viewed as demasculating and threatening to the traditional place of men.

Hit pieces[edit]

Walsh spends much of his bandwidth attacking a handful of progressive figures, such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and organizations that back progressive causes, or in some case simply do not hold positions as extreme as his own.

Stopped clock moments[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Stopped clock
  • Walsh has criticized Donald Trump numerous times.[18][19][20][21]
  • He has criticized young Earth creationism and the belief that the word "day" in the book of Genesis absolutely must refer to a literal, 24-hour day.[22]
  • He supports lessening sentencing times for drug users.[23]
  • He supports restoring voting rights to convicted felons.[24]
  • He has shown awareness of police brutality,[25] making a surprisingly levelheaded, nuanced video[26] where he:
    • Admitted to dismissing the issue in the past
    • Acknowledged that the hysteria surrounding the issue was not as prevalent as he made it out to be, and that there are still concerning trends within the police force
    • Dismantled common excuses that are often used to downplay or even excuse the issue.
  • He argued with prominent alt-righter Nick Fuentes.[27]

External links[edit]


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