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Walsh in 2022.
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Not to be confused with the former The Daily Show correspondent, Matt Walsh.Wikipedia
If sex and gender are the same thing, Matt Walsh fans have never had gender.
Anthony FantanoWikipedia[1]
The pedophile scandal in the Catholic Church is not a pedophile scandal. The vast majority of victims are post-pubescent teens and young men. The real problem in the Church that everyone sees and few will say out loud: gay priests.
—Matt Walsh[2]

Matthew Walsh (1986–) is an American conservative blogger, conspiracy theorist, closeted diaper fetishist and career transphobe/homophobe who runs the aptly named Matt Walsh Blog. Most of his blogs involve him mischaracterizing and insulting things that he doesn't agree with or like, especially trans rights and trans people, as well as abortion, immigration, gender equality and feminist-oriented causes, such as the pro-choice movement.[3]

On top of all this, he writes for the far-right webshite The Blaze. He runs a podcast, and is active on social media, mostly reposting articles from right-wing media on his favorite topics with short (often one-word) comments. He calls himself a "theocratic fascist" on his Twitter bio, along with calling himself a biologist and a scholar of women's studies, despite having never attended college and openly hating women and biology.[4]

Walsh currently hosts The Matt Walsh Show at The Daily Wire. The show was completely demonetized on YouTube from April–August 2023 due to transphobic rhetoric. According to the world's smallest violin, this was very bad for Walsh's wallet.[5][6][7]



If I could trade in women's suffrage to get back the 60 million humans that feminism killed, I would do it in a heartbeat.

He is anti-abortion, saying that "life is precious" (not quite).[9][10] He has supported Alabama's 2019 bill that outlaws abortion in all cases, including rape and incest, as he believes forcing 12-year-old rape victims to carry to term would help them get their crime discovered and increase the rapist's accountability, and abortion would otherwise destroy the evidence and encourage the rapist to continue molesting without consequence.[11]

He bolsters such a terrible take with Planned Parenthood conspiracies such as linking to an article from a pro-life propaganda site that accuses Planned Parenthood of a sex abuse cover-up,[12] and again using the same website to claim that "[r]apists use abortion to cover their tracks and Planned Parenthood helps them."[13] He also claims that "[t]he deadliest southern border in the world is the birth canal".[14]



The number of supposedly "trans" children and young adults is TEN TIMES HIGHER than the number among older generations. Do you think that's because a lot more people are born in the wrong body these days (whatever the hell that even means)? No, this is social engineering.[15]

Walsh is also very well known for his fervent transphobia, believing that being trans is a mental illness[16] comparable to schizophrenia,[17] stating that "[t]ransgenderism is a myth that will lead to sexual deviancy"[18] and advocacy of pedophilia,[19] claiming all trans people are narcissists,[20] blaming acceptance of trans people for suicide rates of trans people,[21] and considering trans allies to be "biology deniers".[22] He would "rather be dead" than have a transgender child.[23]

Walsh supported a bill banning the transitioning of teenagers, greatly simplifying it as "a bill banning the genital mutilation of children".[24] He has also referred to gender-affirmation surgery as "surgical mutilation", accused the parents of transgender children of exploiting their children for attention and said that older children wanting to transition is difficult because it'll be "painful" to have to put your child into therapy.[25] He has also gone on record as stating that transition surgery should be illegal for everyone, also praising Russia for implementing that policy (along with a trans adoption ban) in 2023.[26][27] If you were wondering whether he might also be against circumcision of newborn infants, he isn't.[28]

In one video for The Daily Wire, Walsh likened gender-affirming care to sexual abuse, saying that "a child who is put on hormones and who has their body being mutilated is being sexually violated in a way that is just as depraved or damaging as molestation or rape", and compared doctors who care for trans children to Nazi scientists.[29] Such doctors, Walsh believes, should be executed or imprisoned for life.[30][31]

In an act of staggering pettiness and audacity, Walsh rented a home in Loudoun County, Virginia because the school board meeting wouldn't allow non-residents of the county a place in discussing issues related to the school's residents and students. Despite having never lived in Loudoun County and having no family there who would ever attend that school's area, an act similar to someone purchasing a small house in Brazil to advocate for apartheid.[32] The issue being addressed? Transgender people being able to refer to themselves as their gender, and requiring staff to use their consistently asserted gender when requests of the parents are given.[33] In part of his speech, he shows some self-awareness saying that the school board are poison, and undermining his own ignorance as a science denier on transgender people by saying; “If education is not grounded in truth, then it is worthless. Worse, it is poison. You are poison![34]

In late 2021, Walsh wrote a children's "book", titled "Johnny the Walrus".[35] If you can guess what this book is about, given the section you are reading, congratulations, you have a brain. It's a story about a boy who imagines he is a girl walrus, and when the intertubes find out about it, they force him to go to the doctor to be surgically altered into a girl walrus. The most concerning thing about this book is that it implies men and women are as different from each other as humans and walruses, which is batshit insane. As part of a massive troll campaign, it ended up as the #1 LGBTQ+ book on Amazon, which would admittedly be kind of funny if it wasn't dedicated to spreading hate speech.

In early 2022, Walsh attempted to recruit transgender people into being part of an anti-transgender schlockumentary. It would've been successful if it weren't for PhD candidate Eli Elrick exposing the front on her Twitter account.[36] Later, on June 1, 2022, Walsh released this schlockumentary, titled "What is a Woman?", on The Daily Wire's subscription service. Like other pseudo-documentaries proclaiming to speak the "truth," "What is a Woman?" is practically a 1-and-a-half hour gish gallop full of utter bullshit, pseudoscience, and logical fallacies.[37][38] Like his usual delusional self, Walsh has proclaimed that the film cannot be debunked and that "The Left is terrified of the film".

In early 2023, Walsh testified at a committee hearing in support of a bill banning "child mutilation" (gender-affirming care). When asked for his qualifications, Walsh ignored the question to waffle about "chemical castration" (a common and deliberate misrepresentation of hormone/puberty blockers). He stated that trans people should not receive treatment until they're 25 when they are mature enough, but when asked if the age of consent and the age to buy firearms should be raised he said no, like that doesn't require maturity. He is noted to take much pride in the fact that he is totally unqualified to talk about these issues.[39]

On 23 June 2023, Walsh posted on Twitter:

The trans agenda was invented by pedophilic psychologists, degenerate quacks, lunatic sexologists, literal Nazi scientists,[note 1] and other assorted deviants. A collection of the most despicable monsters imaginable came up with all of this stuff.[41]

The tweet has over 13 million views.


Walsh is anti-gay marriage, claiming that the legalization of gay marriage is part of a left-wing plot to destroy America by eroding and corrupting marriage via the legalization of sexual deviancy.

If gay marriage can be justified on the grounds that homosexuals love each other and wish to be together, then any other group may take that reasoning and, if it can be applied consistently to their situation, use it to gain the same rights. This is how logic works. An incestuous couple can use this reasoning same as gays, so can polygamists, so can bigamists. This isn't a slippery slope argument. We've already slid down the slope, and now here we are, in a place where legal marital rights can be granted to people based solely on their affections.[42]

Walsh believes in the gay agenda conspiracy theory that states children are being brainwashed into becoming LGBT:

The number of kids who identify as LGBT, especially trans and bisexual, has absolutely skyrocketed. If you think this is a natural or organic development, you're deluded. The media, Hollywood, and the school system actively recruit children into the LGBT ranks.
—Walsh displaying his extremely logical bigoted and conspiratorial thought process[43]

He has also claimed that same-sex marriage is invalid because gay people can't produce children (despite having no problem with infertile straight people getting married).[44]

He is on record as saying that you can change your sexuality and that the idea of gay rights is "preposterous and insane".[45] He endorses conversion therapy as a method to achieve this, stating that it's a feasible method of changing one's sexual orientation since "no sane person thinks" there is any such thing as "homosexual infants".[46][47]

Walsh has also blamed the infamous Catholic Church scandal on "gay priests," a defense which can be viewed as either homophobic or pedophilia apologia.[48]

Soon after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Walsh went on his podcast and whined about how it was a result of the White House recruiting lesbians into the military and therefore making it more feminine.[49]

After a mass shooting at a gay bar in Colorado in November 2022, Walsh blamed the LGBTQ+ community for the shooting, going on a hateful rant about drag queens in which he claimed that drag shows were inherently sexual, and that drag queens who performed in front of children were pedophiles who are trying to make children queer. He stated that in order to end violence against LGBTQ+ people, drag queens should simply stop performing. [50]

After CNN criticised the Kenyan president for his country's ban on homosexuality, Walsh accused them of molehill mountaineering and asked "What happened to respecting other people's cultures?".[51] One wonders if he would have the same attitude if it was Christianity that was illegal in Kenya.


Walsh's opinion on pansexuality is about what you would expect, and then some. Here he explains that pansexuality doesn't exist, yet this thing that doesn't exist is also "scary":

Pansexual is not a thing. It's not real. It's also creepy... Pick a side. Okay? Pick a team. stopping indecisive. That's what pansexual really is... Other people have a right to know if they are potential objects of your sexual fantasies. And so that's why it's not fair to walk around and say, I'm attracted to anyone, anyone at all. No one's safe... Everyone's sitting around and they're all thinking he could be attracted to any one of us right now. Any one of us. It could be any of us. It's scary.[52]

Regarding asexuality, he calls it a "dysfunction of the brain" caused by "spiritual despair".[53] Coming from a mental illness denier, this argument is somewhat peculiar; it certainly demonstrates that Walsh is willing to weaponize the social stigma of mental illness against people he dislikes when it suits him. His statements, which were largely overlooked elsewhere, prompted extended responses from Annamarie Forcino and The Ace Couple.[54][55] The Mary Sue points out that his position could be interpreted as an extension of his Christian fertility fetish:

Rhetoric of family and procreation appear in religious right criticism of platonic marriage and other ace relationship structures because, perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, sexless marriages challenge the nuclear family structure. In a society increasingly obsessed with white birth rates, there are plenty of reasons why a fascist Christian movement would want people to have as much procreative sex as possible. As long as the context is specifically controlled and religiously approved, that is. Otherwise, the more opportunities for those babies, the better, even if that baby’s existence has to be coerced out of others.[53]


Although he has quieted down in recent years about guns compared to his younger self, it's unlikely his views have changed, due in no small part to what he advocates would be acceptable punishment for petty criminals:[56]

Our Founding Fathers had very specific goals in mind that they wanted to accomplish. There wasn’t a generalized sense of outrage. It was, these are our goals we want to accomplish. And by the way, they were willing to back it up with guns and violent force. If you want extreme things to happen, you have to be willing to take — to go to extremes. … Everyone keeps bringing up our Founding Fathers. They were willing to pick up guns and kill people for what they wanted. A sign won’t do it. And calling your congressman won’t do it.[57]

After being called out for his horrific ideals by the public, he later doubled down on his radio show, saying things somehow more deranged than the aforementioned material:

If you want extreme change, you must take extreme action… You have to make people hurt... we probably lost our republic after Reconstruction, not willing to do what they [the Founding Fathers] did.

Walsh said this implicitly criticizing the country’s first attempt at a multiracial democracy after the Civil War.

Creepy Uncle Matt[edit]

Despite his constant fearmongering about the LGBTQ+ community being filled with sexual predators, Walsh has espoused a number of very creepy opinions regarding human sexuality.

In June 2021, Walsh reviewed a children's book intended to teach children about consent, with the message being not to show physical affection (such as hugging or kissing) without permission. Walsh dismissed the book as "woke" and called it "the worst one yet", and stated "I violate my kids' consent all the time".[58]

In a clip unearthed in October 2022 by Media Matters for America, Walsh stated that teenage pregnancy is not only acceptable, but ideal, as long as the girl is married. In November of 2022, a clip of Walsh espousing some quite messed up views on rape and consent in general was unearthed by The Serf Times, including of Walsh defending convicted or alleged child sex abusers such as defrocked Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.[59][60][61]

He has also gone on record as stating that 13-year-olds are pretty much adults and called the concept of adolescence a "modern plague", despite also claiming that under-25's are pretty much children when talking about trans issues. He further stated that 17- and 18-year-old girls who are "still in high school … want, biologically and metaphysically and with everything in their body, they want to settle down, they want to start a family."[62]

Walsh has defended American actor and convicted rapist Danny Masterson, arguing based on a highly inaccurate retelling of events that he was wrongly convicted. This was for seemingly no reason other than to make a point about false rape accusations which would then allow him to defend far-right podcaster and former comedian Russell Brand, who has also been accused of rape.[63]

Mental health[edit]

For more information, see: Mental illness denial

Anxiety and depression[edit]

Walsh does not seem to believe in the theory that chemical imbalances substantially contribute to depression,[64][65] which it is strongly implied that he denies that antidepressants can treat it [66][67]. While claiming that suicide is a choice, he also claims that the notion of chemical imbalances causing depression has supposedly been "thoroughly debunked over and over again", then proceeding to cite how drug companies bring in hundreds of millions of dollars treating it, with Walsh not even bothering to explain how what is supposedly a lie can make companies that much money.


He is also an ADHD denier, trotting out the usual old canards of the "environment filled with distractions" and that, like depression, it's just an invention of Big Pharma (never mind the processes of what actually goes into DSM-5; it's not easy).[68][69] There's a bit of Boomer-esque griping about humanity's declining attention span, posted on Twitter, a site about short, shallow distracting soundbites. Never mind that ADHD has a long history,Wikipedia having been documented since at least the early 18th century.



Walsh shows many signs of being a wannabe dictator. He staunchly endorses stripping people of the right to vote if he considers them to be "ignorant" or "non-contributing"[70] or feels that they "don't deserve it",[71] and specifically only wants people to vote if they pay taxes and have passed an 8th-grade civics exam.[72] Walsh has accused activists who want voting to be universal of voter fraud,[73] and tweeted that it should be easier to buy a gun than vote.[74] He also supports criminalizing adultery, drag queen story hour, and critical race theory.[75]

Not only did Walsh condemn businesses that required masks to be worn during the COVID-19 pandemic, he believes that face masks should be made illegal.[76]

After Florida governor Ron DeSantis suspended an elected prosecutor for not prosecuting enough abortionists or gender-affirming care providers[77] and arrested several people for legally voting,[78] Walsh endorsed him for President explicitly because of his dictatorial actions.[79]

In 2023, Walsh called for the US government to arrest and imprison all suspected criminals without due process, championing the use of this approach in El Salvador and commending the country's use of inhumane prisons. Walsh acknowledged that many innocent people would likely be caught up in this blatantly unconstitutional solution to crime but declared that it was worth ignoring the due process rights of ordinary people to deter people in San Francisco from shoplifting.[80]

As a self-described theocrat, Walsh has defended the Spanish InquisitionWikipedia, which he believes "gets a bad rap".[81] He has not yet explained his reasoning, leaving us to conclude that he supports the persecution of all non-Catholic religions.


Despite claiming to be a scholar of women's studies, he perceives the only way to support women is to bash trans women, while still being completely misogynistic against cis women. Walsh presents a very cliched view of gender roles,[82] often attacking men who he disagrees with as unmanly. On the flip side, he often expresses disdain for women in positions of authority[83] or making public statements.[84] Women becoming involved in many elements of pop culture such as music,[85] entertainment, and sports,[86] especially women's sports,[87][88] he views as emasculating and threatening to the traditional place of men. He also supports cutting women's pay if they ask for a raise.[89]

On his blog, Walsh has said that married women owe their husbands respect whether they've done anything to deserve it or not. In the post, he explicitly states that "a wife ought to respect her husband because he is her husband" and that women should "respect [their] husbands whether he deserves it or not". Notably, Walsh says that women even owe their husbands respect if they're "lazy, abusive or uncaring".[90] Apparently, women have to respect men even if the man abuses them, simply because of a wedding vow.

Walsh also believes that men and women cannot be friends,[91] and supports arranged marriages.[92]

Hit pieces[edit]

Walsh spends much of his bandwidth attacking a handful of progressive figures, such as Bernie Sanders[93] and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,[94] and organizations that back progressive causes or, in some cases, simply do not hold positions as extreme as his own. Bizarrely, he has also repeatedly tried to smear Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as radical Marxist extremists,[95] when a cursory look at their actual records and agendas would leave genuine Marxists sorely disappointed at best; in Walsh’s mind, everyone who doesn’t support the GOP is a commie, no matter how staunchly pro-capitalist they’ve always been.

Defending insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt[edit]

Walsh has compared unjustified shootings of black people to the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, a right-wing insurrectionist who was killed after charging a police officer while storming the U.S. Capitol, calling Black Lives Matter hypocrites for protesting over the deaths of unarmed black people but not protesting over the killing of a white insurrectionist. He also JAQed off during one of his videos on the subject, suggesting that the officer shot an unarmed woman out of partisan hatred for Trump supporters.[96]


In 2023 Walsh released a video in which he stated that the people who colonised the United States were "heroes" who should be celebrated, and that the colonisation was an unambiguously noble action. In fact, the only kind of colonisation that he considers wrong is what he describes as "cultural colonisation...when Western governments fly the pride flag on their embassies and export the LGBT agenda and gender ideology into Africa and other regions that don't want it."[97][note 2] In other words, "Native genocide good, promoting LGBT rights bad".

Genocide denial[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Genocide denial

Unsurprisingly, Walsh is a frequent denier of the multiple historical cases of ethnic cleansing of Natives in North America. He believes Andrew Jackson was a great man who deserves to be honoured,[98] in spite of his many crimes such as the Indian Removal ActWikipedia and the destruction of Negro FortWikipedia.[99]

More recently, Walsh became an ardent defender of the Canadian residential schools in which hundreds of indigenous children were murdered,[100] claiming that a mass grave is a completely normal thing for a school to have.[101][102] He has also called the story a "nefarious hoax",[103] thus putting his name next to that of asshole extraordinaire William Donohue on the list of people who claimed the deaths were fake news.

Climate change denial[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Climate change denial

In addition to the above video, Walsh has suggested without evidence that climate protestors are nearly all mentally ill, and responded to an incident in Panama where two protestors were shot dead in cold blood by blaming the victim, saying that it was their fault for blocking the road and suggesting they had it coming.[104]


How do doctors do whole entire surgeries while wearing surgical masks? I feel like I’m going to suffocate after wearing one for 45 seconds.

Despite claiming to have "no stance" on vaccines,[106] Walsh, in all seriousness, accused the Sesame Street character Big Bird of being a drug dealer with the voice of a 'child molester' for telling children to be vaccinated.[107] He also released a video in which he discussed why he refused to vaccinate his children against COVID-19, complete with a segment of him spreading FUD about the vaccine's long-term effects.[108]

Satanic panic[edit]

In October 2022, Walsh argued that all animeWikipedia is Satanic, in an effort to own the libs. He stated: "I have no argument for it. I have no argument for why it's Satanic. It just seems that way to me."[109][110] He later added that anime will "literally lead to demonic possession in upwards of 87 percent of cases, studies show."[111] The Church of Satan was not amused with Walsh's antics.[110]

Recreational drugs[edit]

Walsh is opposed to cannabis use, but supports tobacco smoking. His argument regarding this turns on an appeal to productivity, that is, if everyone smoked cannabis they would be less economically productive, and if everyone smoked tobacco they would be more productive. He adds: "Without a tobacco plant, this country doesn't exist. So it has been crucial, central to this country from its foundation. The same cannot be said for marijuana. Tobacco is as American as apple pie."[112] However, if all he cared about was economic productivity, he would in turn need to reconsider his anti-LGBT positions.[113][114]

Stopped clock moments[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Stopped clock
  • Walsh has criticized Donald Trump numerous times.[115][116][117][118]
  • He has criticized young Earth creationism and the belief that the word "day" in the book of Genesis absolutely must refer to a literal, 24-hour day.[119]
  • He supports restoring voting rights to convicted felons.[120]
  • He has shown awareness of police brutality,[121] making a surprisingly levelheaded, nuanced video[122] where he:
    • Admitted to dismissing the issue in the past
    • Acknowledged that the hysteria surrounding the issue was not as prevalent as he made it out to be and that there are still concerning trends within the police force
    • Dismantled common excuses that are often used to downplay or even excuse the issue.[note 3]
  • He argued with prominent alt-righter Nick Fuentes.[123]

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