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Matt Walsh (not to be confused with the former The Daily Show correspondent, Matt Walsh) is an anti-feminist blogger who runs the aptly named Matt Walsh Blog. Most of his blogs involve him mischaracterizing and insulting things that he doesn't agree with or like. Especially targeted are things like immigration, gender equality and feminist-oriented causes, such as the pro-choice movement.[1] On top of all this, he also writes for the.. 'News' source known as The Blaze.

Walsh currently hosts The Matt Walsh Show at The Daily Wire.

Views on clinical depression[edit]

Walsh does not seem to believe in the existence of depression,[2] or at least does not believe in chemical imbalances being the cause for depression. He claims that chemical imbalances causing depression has been "thoroughly debunked over and over again", then proceeding to cite how drug companies bring in hundreds of millions of dollars treating it, with Walsh not even bothering to explain how what is supposedly a lie can make companies that much money.

The good[edit]

  • Walsh has criticized Donald Trump numerous times.[3][4][5][6]
  • He has criticized young Earth creationism and the belief that the word "day" in the book of Genesis absolutely must refer to a literal, 24-hour day.[7]
  • He supports lessening sentencing times for drug users.[8]
  • He supports restoring voting rights to convicted felons.[9]
  • He has shown awareness of police brutality.[10]

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