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The new misogyny, tracked and mocked.
—The blog's former strapline.

We Hunted the Mammoth (formerly Man Boobz) is a feminist blog dedicated to poking fun at various instances of egregious sexism on the Internet (and sometimes outside of it).[1] Its usual targets include MRAs, PUAs, MGTOW, Christian Patriarchy types, other assorted anti-woman cranks, and whatever else caught the author's attention, so you don't have to read them yourself (they're all duly linked, but after you've checked a few you'll be just fine with trusting the blog). It's also hilarious.

It is written by David Futrelle, a freelance journalist who also blogs for Time and had previously covered the MRAs in various media.[2] One good thing about the site is that the comment sections can go into hundreds of comments and still be relatively intelligent, apposite and written by (usually) nice people, but it's officially not a safe space. This is largely helped by the site's tightened comment policy implemented in July 2015, in which comments by all new posters are automatically sent through moderation (among other rules and filters).[3] The comment sections, however, tend to drift off-topic, although we can't blame them given the subject matter. Futrelle also created "Confused Cats Against Feminism",[4] a viral Tumblr blog that parodies the "Women Against Feminism" movement.

We Hunted the Mammoth went on hiatus on August 15 2023.[5]

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