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For the concept, see our article on Slacktivism.

Slacktivist is the pen-name for Liberal evangelical[1] Christian blogger Fred Clark, probably best known for his exhaustive deconstruction of the Left Behind series of novels.

In Exhuming McCarthy, he criticizes Conservapedia, mentions RationalWiki, and makes the following point:

The cooperative, democratic, open-source ethos of Google and Wiki is antithetical to the supposedly conservative values espoused by the C-pedia's contributors. The original is based on the idea that all of us, together, know more than any of us individually does. The "alternative" is based on the idea that some ideas are forbidden and must be censored. The model for the Conservapedia's form of collaboration isn't so much Wikipedia as it is one of those totalitarian youth clubs in which children are commissioned to report subversive comments by parents or teachers.

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  1. "If you're reading this you may be, like me, an evangelical Christian..." [1] (Note that you need to turn JavaScript off to view the original comments)