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Quora is a question-and-answer and blogging site created by Adam D'Angelo in June 2009[1]. While some Quora users support science, the site is practically Reddit for Facebook junkies. Quora does allow anonymously asked questions, some of which concern matters of pseudoscience such as,

Is it possible for me to become a successful musician or a recording artist with my horoscope. I was born on September 2 1996 at 8:05 pm in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Cranks on Quora[edit]

Disturbingly, some of these appear to have a large number of followers, such as Abd ul-Rahman Lomax, though he does write about many things other than his crank ideas about cold fusion, such as religion and the Landmark Forum. He even writes some answers based in facts.

The sections with regard to conspiracy theories are somewhat but not entirely biased towards conspiracy theories. The alternative medicine topics in general tend to be more in line with science, but of course there is great diversity in views among the Quora community.


Here is a selection of the worst Quora questions. The majority are not like this. Because a majority of Quora's users are from South Asia, these questions mainly cover topics about India, Pakistan and other questions relevant for them.

Is God punishing the people of Kerala with nipah virus for eating beef?
Will the movie “Baahubali” enlighten all South Indians of the ancient South India's might and glory (the real India/Indians)?
Isn't Quora spreading Islam?
How do we protect Quora from Indians?
Which is larger: 0 or 2+7?
Writing God in mathematical form. So how many of you will agree with me?
What is 1+1
Why is it that those on the left don’t understand that if left alone the economy will grow simply because it’s human nature to grow

Many bad Quora questions assume things that are often discriminatory.


Quora also hosts propaganda of many states, including authoritarian regimes. Particularly common are answers and questions that echo the viewpoints of the Chinese Communist Party.

Quora and RationalWiki[edit]

Quora has a topic on RationalWiki with 22 questions in it.[8] For the most part, the questions have to do with comparing RationalWiki, what people think of RationalWiki, and biases in RationalWiki. Some of the cranks listed above, such as Abd ul-Rahman Lomax, Rome Viharo, and Christopher Langan, regularly post in the topic, though some people there try to defend RationalWiki. RationalWiki is occasionally cited on Quora in response primarily to questions about crank views, itself, and religions. Viharo's "The Attack of David Gerard's 50 Foot Troll Farm" website can be found cited in a few different answers. On the other hand, Quora is sometimes cited on RationalWiki, such as on Wind Turbine Syndrome.

Quora Spaces[edit]

There are a number of spaces (AKA shared blogs, AKA echo chambers) on Quora that support lots of nonsense. These include:

  • The Christian Corner, which is "Christian posts, shares, and Q&A with discussion and (serious) prayer requests."[9]
  • War Elephant, which is the "largest military, politics, and conservative space on Quora."[10]

Quora and news[edit]

Some Quora answers are republished on news sites, especially The Huffington Post and Fatherly. Quora also has news articles embedded in its Feed. Romper and POPSUGAR Moms are especially prevalent, though occasionally serious news sites insert articles into a feed. The vast majority of these come from a position based in fact instead of pseudoscience.


  • According to robots.txt in its site, Quora has excluded the Wayback Machine from their website.[11] Which we all know that the best way to advance knowledge is to obstruct archival attempts as well as restrict access attempts by limiting viewing to logging in (like Twitter nowadays).[note 1]Do You Believe That?

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  1. In Twitter's case, you can use this code with uBlock Origin to bypass this.