Where to go in the U.S. if you're an atheist

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Welcome! Here's everything you need to know about which areas in the United States are more atheist.

The best[edit]

Best general area[edit]

The Pacific Northwest-[1] specifically, the West Coast. The East Coast is also great. Ocean air does seem to be beneficial to intelligence and common sense. These areas comprise the "heathen belt"- that is, the parts of America that have the most freethinkers.

Best cities[edit]

Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA, and Portland, OR make great cities for atheists. Plus, they are just within driving distance of the Pacific Ocean. Those of us that prefer the middle of the country will like Boulder, CO. [2] Manchester, NH, Burlington, VT, and Portland, ME are good for those who prefer the East Coast- but be warned, they are very cold.(Seriously, 2 of these cities are among the top 50 coldest cities in the U.S.[3])

Best states[edit]

Vermont and New Hampshire are the best.

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The worst[edit]

Worst general area[edit]

Don't go to the south and/or center of America. No, really. This is pretty self-explanatory, and it would be much harder for you to find other atheists in these parts of the country.

Worst cities[edit]

Chattanooga, TN and Provo-Orem, UT are particularly noted.[4][5] Nowhere else in America will you ever find a more wretched hive of dumb and villainy. Fort Myers, FL, where there is a Christian church on almost every corner and Donald Trump won by 20% freaking percentage points. [6]

Worst states[edit]

The least-freethinking states in the US of A are Utah, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, both Dakotas, and Oklahoma.[7]

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