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Ben Steinery is an expression of derision, scorn and mockery coined in a January 2008 column titled "Farewell to Ben Stein" by Wall Street stock analyst and financial blogger Barry Ritholtz. The phrase refers to the many dubious economic prognostications made by financial writer, movie actor, game show host and creationist mouthpiece Ben Stein.

As declared by Ritholtz:

"I propose the phrase "Ben Steinery" be substituted where ever you would have used the phrase "Tom Foolery" in an economic context."

Some typical, real-time usages of Ben Steinery include:

"Actually, there hasn’t been much of a debate - just the informed, well-reasoned deflation minority opposed by a lot of Ben Steinery."
"All this Ben Steinery in the housing markets is spawning some awesome 'Fozisms.'”
"When the sub-prime crisis began, the Ben Steinery School of Economics said that sub-prime is such a small part of the mortgage sector, that even if every loan went bad, it couldn’t impact Main Street."
"Enough Ben Steinery! We have a football game to watch!"
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