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AARP, or, as they like to call themselves, the "American Association of Retired Persons,"[note 1] is a US lobbying group that helped write the Medicare part D program in the late 1990s, specifically the part in the middle where for some stupid reason a huge second "deductible" kicks in and members had to pay 45% of costs for brand name and 58% of the cost of generic drugs[1] (2016 figures; it changed every year until 2020, when the coverage gap disappeared) until they've spent about $5,000 out of pocket (called the "Donut Hole"). They conveniently licensed their name to insurance companies to cover this portion, so there is no conflict of interest there, nooooooope. They recruit new members as soon as they reach 50. They are sometimes accused of betraying their members when they don't lobby in their best interest.[2]

AARP arranges discounts with rental cars, hotels, and motels for their members. They also have an arrangement with the Amoco motor club for roadside assistance memberships. Additionally, they offer car insurance and Medicare gap insurance programs.

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