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A Rape on Campus

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"A Rape on Campus" is a controversial (and ultimately retracted) article in Rolling Stone magazine written by Sabrina Rudin Erdely, which purported to tell the story of a young woman named "Jackie" being brutally raped on the campus of the University of VirginiaWikipedia, and then being thwarted in her attempts bring the perpetrators to justice.

The sensationalistic nature of the story made many doubt it from the start, and then alarm bells rang when virtually nothing seemed to corroborate "Jackie's" account. Rolling Stone hired an independent investigation, which confirmed that a shocking lapse in journalistic standards had occurred, and the magazine later apologized and retracted the story, though neither Erdely, nor the magazine's managing editor Will Dana, were penalized in any way. Incidentally, Will Dana is the same editor who fired Jim DeRogatis, the reporter who scooped R&B star R. Kelly's (still unpunished) serial sexual abuse of young girls. A handful of very serious feminist pundits like Amanda Marcotte at Salon uncritically swallowed the hoax, demonized individuals who questioned the story, and then refused to apologize when proven wrong.

However, conservative media, Men's rights activists (particularly Thunderf00t and TheAmazingAtheist) and general Internet trolls blew the story out of proportion and turned it into a manufactroversy. Long story short, a good university had a couple weeks of unwarranted bad publicity, a lot of insults were exchanged, college sexual assault education was set back a decade and nobody won, except the just-mentioned manchildren who made hay of it.

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