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State of the Union (comic strip)

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Not to be confused with the annual speech that the President of the United States is required to deliver to Congress.

State of the Union was an American daily newspaper comic strip distributed by Creators Syndicate that ran from September 2004 until May 2010, when the company "retired" the strip. What was this strip like? Well, if the talky milieu of Mallard Fillmore can be seen as appealing to the typical Fox News viewer, the more overtly racist, violence-tinged agitprop themes of many State of the Union strips would probably appeal to readers of WorldNetDaily or Stormfront who think that Fox News is too soft.

For example, the last strip, which was a rerun of an earlier strip, is set in a graveyard at night. Barack Obama has dug up the remains of Ronald Reagan, who is shown lying in a casket marked "Reaganomics". An aura surrounds Reagan's head, reminiscent of iconic artwork showing Mary and the baby Jesus with auras around their heads. Obama stands over Reagan, in his right hand holding a stake in the form of the word "TAXES" to the cadaver's chest. He is about to give the stake a hard whack with a large wooden mallet. By the strained look on his face, Obama is either taking extremely careful aim at the stake, or is taking a massive crap in his pants. Gee. Gotta wonder why Creators Syndicate would retire something like that.

The strip's artist Carl Moore has claimed to have been a liberal when he was a college student during the Vietnam War. He says he became a right winger when he saw war protesters attacking police on TV. Obviously, he has never contemplated the effects of anarchists and agent provocateurs on peace protests. Or the fact that TV news cameras are always pointed at the troublemakers in any crowd. Or the more numeous times when protesters were attacked by police, such as at the 1968 Democratic National Convention (where the police went so far as to attack a sitting congressman who was not part of the protest).

External links[edit]

  • State of the Union, archived from the original by Creators Syndicate, shows the "Obama driving a nail called taxes into Reagan's cadaver in a coffin labeled "Reganomics" cartoon.