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The Akashic Records are a supposed compendium of all knowledge, existing in the non-physical plane. Trying to make fun of them by calling them a "mystical space library" doesn't really work — that's basically how they're viewed. They purportedly contain the knowledge of the entire human existence and the history of the universe, tracking each soul as it journeys through life. For just $113.00, you too can learn how to open your record with a Sacred Prayer.[2] They're big on vibrations and quantum woo.


The Akashic records were first mentioned in ancient Hindu philosophy but were only popularised in the 19th century by occult writers such as those found in Anthroposophy and Theosophy. Alice Bailey, Charles Leadbeater and Rudolf Steiner all claimed to have read the Akashic records. However, their reports on the matter are contradictory.[3]


There is no scientific evidence that the Akashic Records exist.[citation NOT needed] The only physicist to write a book on the topic is John Davidson, author of The Secret of the Creative Vacuum: Man and the Energy Dance (1989), in which he claimed mind, matter, energy and consciousness are intertwined and that a 'vacuum' of 'empty' space is actually a real energy field which contains all knowledge and thoughts.[4] However, his book was pseudoscience. Davidson is also written other books within other areas of pseudoscience, including creationism (Natural Creation and the Formative Mind and Subtle Energy).

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