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Brain, Mind and Consciousness Society (BMC)

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The Brain, Mind and Consciousness Society is a group started at the University of California Santa Cruz[1] in 2011 with several thousand members spanning the South Bay Area. Ostensibly a "cognitive science" group, the Society promotes a host of New Age woo including spiritualism,[2], quantum woo[3] chakras[4]and the work of Deepak Chopra and Masaru Emoto[5] as well as many other varieties of pseudoscience. The Brain, Mind and Consciousness Society is best described as a hippie[6] group, and most prominently advocates for other ways of knowing[7] through the consumption of hallucinogenic drugs[8] as well as skepticism about the nature of empiricism and the scientific method.[9] This group is closely associated with Esalen and other New Age groups. Students be warned!

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