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The Christian Peoples Alliance is a Christian democratic political party in the United Kingdom founded in its present form in 1999. It is the largest openly Christian party in Britain. It has talked about merging with the Christian Party,[1] the same Christian Party by the way, which wants to replace the Welsh flag, because it is a Satanic symbol (the dragon).[2]

Current policies[edit]

As it says in its latest manifesto released in 2017[3] , the party promotes these actions:

  • End fractional-reserve banking (or banks creating money, as they put it) and require that "all money loaned out must either come from repaid mortgages, savings or loans from the Bank of England". This policy is clearly influenced by the British group Positive Money,[4] and the global group international movement for monetary reform[5] which have been scaremongers informed the public about the risk of fractional reserve banking has (primarily on producing scary documentaries in Positive Money's case[6] [7]). It's nice that a party is seriously taking up the course of monetary reform, even if it is a crazy homophobic one with no chance of changing anything. In 2017 parliamentary candidate Godfrey Davies said his top priority would be "Fundamental reform of the British banking system. ... It can only be achieved by supernatural means. It can only be done by a Christian party."[8]
  • Other banking reforms include setting up a regulatory authority to constantly check whether the interest on loans that the banks are handing out are too high or not (you don't need to be an Austrian school economist to see how this can go wrong), separate banking roles between saving/lending and riskier investment banks (basically British Glass–Steagall, except it's even more of a pipe-dream with these loons supporting it) and making the Bank of England even more democratic (although to the Christian Peoples Alliance this means a democratic supervisory board that would also have the power to interview Bank of England officials over any matter and veto appointments, which is democratic… kind of?). Unfortunately, unlike what they say in their manifesto, they haven't applied Christian teachings to banking reform, as the interest rate is not 0.[9]
  • Scrapping Trident and nuclear weapons and "utilising the savings for improving the NHS to increase the health and well-being of the citizens of the UK". They have said that they wanted a "missile shield", although this idea, how much it will cost and if it is even feasible to implement are missing from the manifesto (at least when the citizens are nuked they will have died healthy).
  • The party has also said (although not in the manifesto[10]) that it wants to make a stand against countries such as Pakistan, as they persecute Christians, through not giving them foreign aid (which, looking at the above defense policy, seems as if it will be a short lived stand, as Pakistan will have nukes and we will have moral indignation under Christian Peoples Alliance policy).
  • Ending gay marriage, which Owen Jones, loud mouth twelve year old (or political pundit depending on who you talk to), had a go at their leader for, which he then retorted by calling the BBC fake news (of course).[11]
  • They also want to promote marriage ("heterosexual" only of course) and family through policies such as a grant, initially set at £10,000 per couple, to be made available to all couples on the occasion of their first marriage provided that they go for at least five sessions of marital awareness training; a grant, initially set at £5,000, to be made available to all before or just after the birth or adoption of their first child, provided they go for at least five sessions of training in child rearing; and a tax threshold to be fully transferable from husband to wife if there is a child under five in the family so that there is a tax benefit for one parent to stay at home with young children. The justification for this absurd amount of money is that the breakup of marriages and families is much more expensive. However, one questions whether having a society based on couples getting and staying together based on financial interest is really the most healthy and sustainable way to keep people together.
  • Stopped clock moment: their policies are surprisingly environmentally-friendly, including keeping to the 2015 Paris climate treaty, encouraging cleaner vehicles, low-carbon electricity, low-carbon housing, and recycling. Although they're also opposed to genetically modified foods (no reason is given).

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