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Andrew Napolitano

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One of the
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And a dirty dozen more
Napolitano made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Judge Andrew Napolitano is a former Judge of the New Jersey Superior Court and current libertarian pundit on that CNBC knock-off no one watches Fox Business Network who has a sweet Don Corleone coiffure. He is a major case of stopped clock syndrome. Ed Brayton has this to say about him:

He's one of those guys who can be absolutely right or batshit crazy depending on the issue being discussed. When it comes to civil liberties, he's actually pretty strong. He's an outspoken critic of asset forfeiture laws, prosecutorial immunity, abuse of eminent domain and is in the right on many other issues. But he's also one of those folks who rants about the evils of the 17th amendment, which is definitely crank territory.[1][2]

Napolitano is also notable for being one of the few pundits openly supporting Wikileaks and not calling for Julian Assange's assassination. On the other hand, he's incredibly paranoid and has endorsed 9/11 conspiracy theories,[3] gold buggery,[4] and Federal Reserve conspiracies.[5] Your mileage may vary.