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Sebastian Lukács Gorka (born 22 October 1970, Sebestyén Lucas Gorka) is a British-Hungarian Islamophobe, a Steve Bannon protégé, wannabe-editor of Goatee Aficionado Magazine and an all-around complete asshole. Naturally, all these attributes qualified him for a spot in the Donald Trump administration, and he advised the Trump White House from the inauguration until late August 2017. He conveniently uses the Islamist terrorism issue as a vehicle to channel his malicious contempt for all things Arab-related and Islam-related.

He has a doctorate in applied political science from Corvinus University in Hungary.[1] Gorka likes to trot out his credentials and insist that people call him "Dr.", but his Ph.D. advisor, Stephen Sloan, stated, "I would not call him an expert in terrorism." and that "his level of expertise does not match the level where he stands in the White House."[2] Several other academics have also criticized the both the poor quality of Gorka's doctorate and Gorka's lack of expertise.[3][2][4]

Gorka is a member of Vitézi Rend, a reconstituted Hungarian Nazi organization that retains its nationalist and racist principles.[5][6] Several US Congressional representatives have questioned whether Gorka illegally received US citizenship, based on his membership in a proscribed Nazi organization, Vitézi Rend.[7][8]

Gorka left the White House in August 2017 and is current a contributor for Fox News. Because of course he is.


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