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Angela Merkel

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Angela Merkel in 2011
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Angela Merkel is the current Chancellor of Germany. Merkel obtained a doctorate in quantum chemistry in 1986,[1] and worked as a research chemist until about 1989[2] when she entered politics.

While she is generally categorized as center-right, she is a refreshing example of a centrist leader in politics today. Hilariously, she has been widely criticized by members of the German and American right-wing and far-right (in a lovely example of "anything to the left of me is leftist") for her 2015 immigration policies,[3] which states that Germany is an "open door" to refugees. She does not regret this choice.[4]

Unfortunately, while this has given refugees a safe place to live, it has also made Germany seemingly vulnerable to terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, which is one of the causes in the rise of members of the predominant far-right party (Alternative für Deutschland) that is heavily anti-immigration – even if it's against their best interests [5] (ironically, rightwing terror attacks are more common in Germany than Islamist attacks [6]). She is considered a fundamental source of European direction and unity, especially in the face of the Brexit process.

She is an interesting sort in terms of her geopolitical positions, being probably the most vocal proponent for the European Union, yet, despite that generally globalist stance, she has enacted domestic policies within Germany itself, such as support for a multi-ethnic Germany, assimilation, and increased national unity that could arguably classify her as a civic and cultural nationalist.


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