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A whistleblower is a person exposing corruptionWikipedia in an organization. Not just anyone can be a whistleblower, as you must actually be telling the truth, and have proof.

In the US, there is the National Whistleblowers Center, an organization "dedicated to protecting employees’ lawful disclosure of waste, fraud, and abuse." There is also the Whistleblowing International Network.

Known whistleblowers[edit]

Some whistleblowers are on the side of the angels:

Idiot whistleblowers[edit]

One of the most common objections to the more grand conspiracy theories is the fact that absolutely no one has spoken out on them (and indeed, conspirators in general are hilariously bad at keeping secrets for so long). Unfortunately, aside from the usual escape hatches, pointing this out to the average crank you find in YouTube comments will lead to them mentioning a good list of nutters who claim to be a whistleblower, without a shred of the evidence. The most well-known are the fundies back in the 80s claiming to be ex-satanists who have created a moral panic in the US over a vast (read: non-existent) network of underground satanists running the show, creating such horrifying monstrosities as Rock Music and Pokémon. Theorists tend to cite the lack of mainstream press these "whistleblowers" get as evidence of a coverup or, even less accurately, the whistleblowers are speaking the "truth". That this completely ignores the fact that the press loved the same aspiring "ex-satanists" back in the good old days is completely lost on the suckers who fall for their stories.[note 1] In the world of conspiracy theorists, a whistleblower is anyone who claims to be one. No proof required.[1][2] All you have to do is slap "EX-ILLUMINATI"[note 2] before your name, and that proves the theory to be true.

Here are some self-proclaimed "whistleblowers" who "expose" what passes for "truth" in la-la land:

  • Gordon Duff[3][dead link][4] — ISIS
  • Doctor Jim Garrow — Doesn't like Obama… or gays[5][6]
  • Ted Gunderson — Every conspiracy theory under the sun.[7]
  • Preston James[8][9]Aliens
  • Ken Johnston — anti-NASA propagandist, standard interviewee on all radio shows and TV documentaries that wish to persuade us that NASA is a den of liars.
  • Carl Lentz — A pastor who claimed to have an Illuminati meeting[10]
  • Donald Marshal — Illuminati[11]
  • Kristen Meghan[12]Chemtrails. Metabunk.org has an discussion on her. She entered the discussion, but when she couldn't provide proof, she left. This is her response, along with another video claiming we're "trolls".[13] She had a lot of public appearances and speeches, so there's no way she's lying. At all. Obviously.[14]
  • Paul Mooney — Though it's not so much that he lied to us, it's that people can't figure out what a joke is.[15] He actually does this quite a bit.[16] For people who say he'll be killed, he currently has cancer, so nice try.
  • Mark Richards — Illuminati, Secret Space Program, Epic battles with aliens
  • Aaron Russo — The Rockefellers and the New World Order
  • Svali
  • Mark Taylor — Columbine shooting;[17] the nuttier will tell you the "New World Order" was behind it[18]
  • John ToddSatanism and Illuminati
  • Gwenyth Todd — World War 3, and a planned third Iran War[19]
  • Stew Webb[20], of course he, along with Preston James, is accused of being part of the Illuminati.[21] Sometimes paired with Chip Tatum on NWO theories.[22]
  • Leo Zagami[23]

Hold it![edit]

This is not by any means a complete list. Why are there so many? Because… fame. You can get famous in the company of other conspiracy theorists by taking advantage of their (and your own) gullibility (not to mention the need to feel special).

How to become a celebrity on YouTube[edit]


  1. Think of a good story out of your ass, preferably about how you were in the Army, and you found out they work for (insert bogeyman here)
  2. Put on a uniform/Buy some fake military awards off eBay
  3. Tell your "story" to the suckers
  4. Watch your views, and probably your Paypal account, skyrocket.

Whistleblower's dilemma[edit]

Whistleblowers face a lot of consequences for their actions, including unemployment and prosecutions (via the Espionage Act in the US[24][25]). The dilemma comes from the decision of exposing or not exposing the illegal or unethical practices of their establishment to the public, if their superior(s) do nothing or are part of the problem. Discrediting in the form of character assassinations are expected by both their employer and the media.

How do they cover their asses?[edit]

In the United States, there are the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989[26] and Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2007.[27] There's hope!

Further reading[edit]

  • C. Fred Alford is a great scholar to read about what whistleblowers have to deal with once they're outed. He has written a few academic articles on the topic and a book called Whistleblowers: Broken Lives and Organizational Power. His website at the University of Maryland is over here.
  • Cryptome is a site that archives most of the leaks you ever want to find.


  1. Obviously the only reason any "ex-satanist" got any sort of press is to "expose" them as frauds years later to damage the conspiracy community's credibility, but you didn't hear it from us!
  2. Or Ex-CIA/FBI/Army/Police etc. etc. etc.…


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