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Axel Stoll

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A lunatic Chaplin imitator
and his greatest fans

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First as tragedy
Then as farce

Axel Stoll (30 October 1948 - 28 July 2014)[1] was an extreme right-wing (or more like neo-Nazi) esoteric German geophysicist and conspiracy theorist. He wrote many books, including "Hochtechnologie im Dritten Reich" ("High technology in the Third Reich") and "Das Wissen um die unterdrückte Physik — Ein Buch von Axel Stoll" ("The knowledge about suppressed physics — A book by Axel Stoll"), combining pseudo-science and various conspiracy theories, especially concerning the Third Reich and of course dealing in anti-Semitism[2].

He received notoriety through the publication of Internet videos.

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Second World War[edit]

Several of Stoll's conspiracy theories centered on World War II. He thought that Germany colonized the Moon after the defeat of the Wehrmacht. He also claimed that the Nazis secretly settled New Swabia using their massively superior technology, including scalar waves and Nazi UFOs.

Aldebaran and the races[edit]

Stoll thought that the white race actually are aliens from the star AldebaranWikipedia that settled the Earth in the distant past and that the Earth is a jail planet for criminals. In his opinion, all other races are descendants of aliens sent to serve jail time on earth.