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Black Pigeon Speaks

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Felix Lace,[1] better known as Black Pigeon Speaks (BPS), is a Canada-born and Japan-based YouTube talker known for his bigoted views.

As of October 2017, Lace's channel had over 248,000 subscribers and 29.1 million views.[2]


On women[edit]

Lace believes that women have not evolved to stay loyal to their "tribe", and have brought destruction to Western nations by having exercised their voting rights.[3]

On rape, he also claims that he is "aware that the vast majority of women, when raped, reach sexual climax or orgasm."[4] He's referring to an alleged MSNBC article reporting that an estimated 87% of women rape victims have reached orgasms while being raped. Both the MSNBC article and the scientific study referenced in it have been debunked.[5] BPS also believes that women objectify themselves simply because they love to.[6]

On transgender people[edit]

Lace also has a beef with transgender folk, claiming they are mentally ill.[7]

On politics[edit]

Unsurprisingly like many Alt-right[citation needed] YouTubers, Lace is also a supporter of Donald Trump,[8] Brexit, and Marine Le Pen.[9] He has also shown dislike towards Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (whom he always prefaces with "substitute drama teacher") and German Chancellor Angela Merkel for allowing Syrian refugees to come into their countries.

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Black Pigeon Speaks is also heavy on conspiracy theories, believing the failed military coup of Erdogan in Turkey was a false flag operation set by Erdogan himself,[10] that Hillary Clinton is afflicted with Parkinson's disease,[11] and many, many conspiracies surrounding George Soros.[12][13]

See also[edit]

  • Davis Aurini – Kevin Logan described Lace as a more ignorant and delusional version of this guy, which is saying a lot. Also from Canada.
  • Stefan Molyneux – Lace's views combined with cult techniques. Also a fellow Canadian.

External links[edit]


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