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Sonnenkrieg Division is a British Neo-Nazi organisation founded some time in 2018. The origins of Sonnenkrieg (German for "sun war") lie with the collapse of the alliance between System Resistance Network (a post-ban splinter of National Action) and the American group, Atomwaffen Division. Sonnenkrieg formed from SRN members that still supported the alliance.[1]


Based on information available to the press, Sonnenkrieg is led by Andrew Dymock, an alleged former member of National Action, with propaganda pictures made by alleged former SRN member Oskar Koczorowski. In December 2018, the BBC went public about a months-long investigation which infiltrated a far-right Discord server, in which members posted artwork calling for the assassination of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and the murder of police.[2] The police were contacted, and three arrests were made on 6 December.[3]


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