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The Groyper Army, or Groypers, are a loosely organised group of far-right trolls who follow Nick Fuentes (the de facto leader of the group) and his America First movement,[1] which should not be confused with the American fascist partyWikipedia of the same name, the second attempt at that partyWikipedia by David Duke, or with Donald Trump's own wider America FirstWikipedia movement, despite all of them having similar ideologies.

After the term "Alt-right" became widely known in the media, its supporters started being deplatformed and exposed as the neo-Nazi racists they are. Eventually, even most mainstream paleoconservatives had gotten fed up with the alt-right, but rather than changing their beliefs and becoming better people, they decided to rebrand the movement instead.

The result of the rebranding is that during the late 2010s to the early 2020s, social conservatives, fascists, theocrats, and other fringe right-wing ideologues came together under the America First banner to support MAGA and 'post-racist' content on the interwebs. This became known as the Groyper Army, calling themselves paleoconservatives and swearing that they weren't alt-right; they quickly started to openly support every single alt-right talking point just as they did before.


Since groypers are not a uniform ideological group but, rather, a combination of various kinds of right-wing extremists, there is no absolute set ideology to the movement. There are, however, shared ideals that all groypers agree with and call paleoconservatism, despite the fact that it bears very little resemblance to what was traditionally known as paleoconservatism in political science, instead closely resembling a kind of modern fascism (though it basically is fascism at this point).

Core beliefs[edit]

  • Authoritarianism - Because the groypers are a neo-nazi gang, one of their beliefs is support for an authoritarian state in favor of their movement and similar movements. Fuentes himself has come out in support of a violent theocratic ethnocratic dictatorship to be installed, and with the Republican Party at the helm.[2]
  • Antisemitism – One of the most notable groyper beliefs is antisemitism.[1] As with all things that groypers believe, this is hidden under layers of obfuscation to make it plausible to deny that they are neo-Nazis or alt-right because open neo-Nazis and alt-righters get banned from all the legitimate social media platforms. The groyper will, instead of openly calling for a second Holocaust, use not-so-subtle references to antisemitic tropes such as posting "merchant" memes, joking about the Holocaust and even denying the Holocaust even happened, bringing up conspiracy theories such as the Dancing Israelis, USS Liberty incident, or Jewish influences over the media and US government. In public, rather than explicitly calling for Jews to be deported or exterminated, they provide more acceptable ideas like cutting US aid and support for Israel, banning Israeli lobby groups from the US, and other things that can be technically termed anti-Zionism. In private, they take a more hardline approach, noting that this is only the first step towards solving the Jewish Question.
  • Islamophobia – The groypers are hostile to the existence of Islam itself, often coming up with and citing anti-Islamic conspiracies.
  • Soft theocracy – While groypers are not explicitly theocrats, they tend to promote many of the same ideas. They generally assert that the US is a white Christian nation and strongly oppose any legal or political force which is deemed to erode traditional Christian values, including women's rights to vote, most civil rights, atheism, gay rights, and more.[1]
  • Isolationism – According to the groypers, the US would do better to cease all involvement in international wars and trade and, instead, to focus on American industry and invading Mexico to kill those pesky illegal immigrants. This isolationist stance is why groypers accuse anyone on the right who disagrees with them of being a neoconservative, because they claim neocons are responsible for the moral decline of the American right wing. Groypers don't appear to be gifted with much cognitive ability, so the problems with their extreme isolationist stance, such as the effect on the American economy if it stopped almost all world trade, are completely ignored.
  • Homophobia – Groypers are universally homophobic and, of course, transphobic. It's normal to see groypers promoting conversion therapy as a "treatment" for homosexuality despite the fact that it doesn't work and is actually harmful. Failing this, they support capital punishment or imprisonment for anyone who actually engages in sodomy, because their morality is stuck in the 9th century and this is somehow a good idea to them for some reason. When faced with resistance to their homophobic views, the groyper will post Bible verses and cherry-picked pseudoscience that condemns homosexuality as harmful and immoral.
  • Ban immigration – Yes, that's right, the Groyper Army believes that immigration into the US should be banned. All of it. They sometimes go as far as to propose that people who legally immigrated already should be deported, unless they are white Christians, of course. The reasons for banning all immigration are mostly because they believe that immigration is responsible for the decline of Western civilisation via demographic shift. This is because the new alt-right believes in the Great Replacement conspiracy theory with no hint of irony or criticism.

Dispute with TPUSA[edit]

See the main article on this topic: TPUSA

Since groypers are extremists, being fascists rather than typical conservatives, they inevitably came into conflict with the more mainstream conservative groups and figures.[1] This conflict generally takes the form of groypers infiltrating conservative groups and accusing anyone who isn't extreme enough of being a "fake conservative" or "neocon" as an insult while promoting their own views, instead, as a form of radicalisation to turn people further right.

This tactic eventually resulted in a higher-profile dispute between mainstream conservative pundit Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA and Groyper Army leader Nick Fuentes in which Fuentes characteristically called Kirk a fake conservative and promoted extreme views until he got banned from YouTube and deplatformed himself. Oops.

Following Nick Fuentes being partially deplatformed, some of his Groyper Army distanced themselves from him, starting to simply refer to themselves as paleoconservatives rather than as groypers explicitly.

Prominent members[edit]


In any youtube video discussing Fuentes and how much of a terrible person he is, the Groypers aren't far behind brigading the comment section and to lick his ass and spam how much they like him, giving no legitimate points to counter criticism.

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