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Parti Communiste Français

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The Parti Communiste Français (French Communist Party) is a political party in France. Once a popular party, it has become mostly irrelevant, although they still get members elected in the parliament.

Notorious members[edit]

Ambroise Croizat[edit]

Ambroise Croizat is a famous French communist, who had a major role in the creation of social security. [1]

Pierre Laurent[edit]

Pierre Laurent is the current leader of the PCF. He has made an alliance of the PCF and other left parties to create the Left Front, which got Mélenchon to be the fourth candidate of the 2012 elections.

Pierre Laurent believes that centralized version of collective property outdated, but that social appropriation of wealth (he gives for example social security) is still a good thing, and his version of communism isn't contradictory with private enterprises. [2] He wrote a book called 99%, and uses the classic critic of the 1% owning too much. He is also a supporter of gay rights and women's rights.


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