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Communist Party of the Russian Federation

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The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is a reactionary far-left neo-Stalinist political party, and currently the second largest party in Russia, once again proving the existence of the crazification factor.


The party has basically created a personality cult around both Joseph Stalin and their current leader, Gennady Zyuganov. The party is extremely apologetic towards whatever atrocities Stalin or Lenin had committed and decide to treat them like necessary evils or ignore/deny that such things ever happened in the first place.[1]

Being a neo-Stalinist party they support the existence of privately owned small businesses, but still want to nationalize most agriculture and large industries. For some nationalistic reason, the party is pro-religious, contrary to its strongly atheistic predecessorWikipedia's W.svg.

Social issues[edit]

The party is extremely socially conservative, being anti-LGBT, anti-abortion, anti-liberal, nationalistic, and constantly championing "tradition values," not unlike political ideologies it vehemently disagrees with. Naturally, their leader, Zyuganov, believes that most modern art and academia has been ruined by the greed encouraged by the capitalist pig-dogs. They also support the reinstitution of the death penalty and are proudly "tough on crime."[2]

Furthermore many party leaders are hostile to global warming and Darwinian evolution, and have a weakness for conspiracy theories. A favourite is that "national culture and morals" are being purposely destroyed in Russia.[3] For extra wackiness Zyuganov has also expressed anti-Semitic views.

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