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Jean-Marie Le Pen

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Jean-Marie Le Pen
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Jean-Marie Le Pew Le Penis (1928–) was the leader of the French nationalist party Front National from 1972 till his retirement in 2011. He is a proud Roman Catholic, and among his other socially conservative views, one of his primary goals was to "clean up" France of lazy immigrants, and to put Catholic policy back into French politics.

He is notable for having managed to advance to the second round of the 2002 presidential election, partly due to left-wing division, earning a "democracy defense" victory for his mainstream conservative rival. In 2011, he retired and was replaced as the head of the Front National by his daughter Marine. He was kicked of the party in August 2015.

Strangely admired by Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan notwithstanding his anti-Americanism.


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His anti-immigration policies and his being found guilty on a charge of Holocaust denial[1] caused many people to label him as a Nazi. He defended his immigration policies saying that he wants to get rid of only the "lazy" immigrants.

He said that the gas chambers were "a minor point in the history of the Second World War" and proclaimed his belief in the inequality between the races. Le Pen hopes the ebola virus can sort out global overpopulation. [2]


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Le Pen was accused of torture by Le Monde, which Le Pen has repeatedly denied[3] even though he was quoted by the newspaper Combat in 1962 as saying, "Nous avons torturé en Algérie parce qu’il fallait le faire."[3] (We tortured in Algeria because it had to be done.) Le Pen lost a defamation lawsuit against Le Monde regarding their accusation of torture against him.[4] Committing torture during war is considered a war crime.

Other craziness[edit]

Le Pen has called for the forced quarantine of people with AIDS,[5] and he thinks the Nazi occupation wasn't really so bad.[6]

Lovely guy. His antics eventually became too extreme even for his (slightly less crazy) daughter, leading her to expel him from the party in 2015.[7]

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