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Buddy Roemer

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Pictured here, eating a microphone

Charles "Buddy" Roemer was Governor of Louisiana from 1988 to 1992. Originally a Democrat in the US house of representatives, he switched parties in 1991, after he was elected governor[1][2].

Why do we care?[edit]

Roemer ran for president in 2012, as a Republican. As a governor, he upheld Roe v. Wade in the case of incest, and felt that teachers weren't paid enough. He also legalized gambling. The key issue of his 2012 campaign was campaign finance reform, and he limited himself to contributions of $100 or less.[3] He was largely ignored by the media and was not invited to any debates. He dropped out shortly before the primaries began.

Did he have a chance?[edit]

No. In addition to the reasons above, he is obscure outside of Louisiana and has shot himself in the foot financing wise. His desire to cut tax loopholes and reinstate Glass-Steagall likely won't help him with the party base either. He quit the GOP and decided to run as an independent, as well as Americans Elect and on the Reform Party ticket.[4] His embracing of OWS didn't help him with the right either.[5]

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