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David Duke

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Duke in Saxony, Germany.
A lunatic Chaplin imitator
and his greatest fans

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First as tragedy
Then as farce
Nazis also want to smash the system.[1]
—David Duke. He's not wrong, but it's the wrong system.
White people don't need a law against rape, but if you fill this room up with your normal black bucks, you would, because niggers are basically primitive animals.[2]
—As if you needed any more proof that this guy is an asshole.

David Ernest "The Goyim Know, Shut it Down" Duke (1950–) or, as he likes to emphasize, Dr. David Duke PhD., but frequently derided as David DuKKKe for his youthful indiscretion as a Ku Klux Klan leader, is a failed American politician, white supremacist, and neo-Nazi activist. He is a former Klansman who claims he left his racist days behind long ago, though his political activities suggest otherwise. He uses the word "Zionist" more than the words "and" or "the". Duke's rise in the Klan was due to his ability to appear mainstream in an attempt to normalize them. He now spends most of his time moaning about the Jews on the internet.

Duke speaks against what he describes as Jewish control of the Federal Reserve Bank, the federal government and the media. Duke supports the preservation of what he considers to be Western culture and traditionalist Christian family values, Constitutionalism, abolition of the Internal Revenue Service, racial segregation, anti-Communism and white separatism.[3][4][5] He also opposes what he considers to be "promotion of homosexuality" by Jews.[6]

In 2002, Duke pleaded guilty to mail fraud and tax-related charges and served a 15 month prison sentence.[7]

Early life of a loser[edit]

Duke joined the Ku Klux Klan in 1967 while still a teenager. While attending Louisiana State University,[note 1] he joined the National Socialist White People's Party and founded an LSU student chapter of the group in 1970 called the White Youth Alliance. Duke became a notorious joke on campus for parading around in a Nazi uniform. After graduating from college, he formed a new Klan group called the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. This was when some Klan leaders were trying to resurrect their group's image by shedding the white sheets and putting on suits and ties. Even he eventually got tired of dealing with the sort of degenerates and misfits the Klan attracts, and left the Klan in 1980 to found a "more professional" organization called the National Association for the Advancement of White People. The NAAWP proceeded to attract the same sort that the Klan did. Today, Duke hangs out on Stormfront with a whole new crop of twits and misfits.

Running for office[edit]

The only thing we have in common is we're both wizards under the sheets.
—Edwin Edwards

Duke was a serious wake-up call for those who thought politicized racism was a thing of the past, a mere artifact dusted periodically by the Strom Thurmonds of the world. It's not the same as a politician being freshly vetted in the 80s-90s, never really distancing himself from his "white power" bona fides, and getting elected for it.

Duke ran umpteen times for several public offices on the Democratic, Republican, and Populist Party tickets. Most of the time, he did poorly. Still, the voters in Louisiana must have been drunk on November 3, 1989, because Duke somehow managed to get himself elected to a term in the Louisiana State House of Representatives as a Republican. His actual attempts to govern were weak, with one of his fellow local politicians saying he was "so single minded, he never really became involved in the nuts and bolts of House rules and parliamentary procedure. It was just that shortcoming that led to the demise of most of his attempts at lawmaking."[8]

Smelling the sweet stench of success, he ran for U.S. Senate the next year against incumbent J. Bennett Johnston. Fortunately, Duke lost. Undaunted, he ran for governor of Louisiana in 1991. His opponent, Edwin Edwards, was notoriously corrupt and has been sentenced more than once on various charges of racketeering, bribery, etc. Because of this, Duke actually had a substantial likelihood of getting elected governor of Louisiana, and the race attracted national attention over concern an avowed white supremacist could win the seat. This spawned the bumper stickers seen around Louisiana, "Vote for the Crook: It's Important", and "Vote for the lizard, not the wizard". Duke's history of racism also led to many of his fellow Republicans, including then-President George H. W. Bush [9], to come out against him. Edwards won, 61-39%.

Still not getting the message, Duke sought the Republican nomination for president in 1992, which tanked so badly it consigned Duke to the Alan Keyes realm of perennial candidates. And satirical songs![10]

In July 2016, Duke announced that he would be running for the United States Senate, in an ominous move representative of the growing prevalence of far-right politics in America. He said of his campaign, "Thousands of special interest groups stand up for African-Americans, Mexican Americans, Jewish Americans, etc. The fact is that European Americans need at least one man in the United States, one man in Congress, who will defend their rights and heritage."[11] Evidently, Duke fails to realize that this description applies to pretty much every Republican congressman. If elected, he would have replaced the vacated seat of the not-as-crazy-but-still-pretty-nuts David Vitter. Donald Trump refused to support his run for senate, and toyed with the idea of voting for a Democrat over Duke in the area – "depending on the Democrat", of course.[12] In the end, Duke lost the election badly, getting only 3 percent of the vote.[13]


A look at some of Duke's statements reveals a man with significant delusions of grandeur; he claims his books to be among the most influential in the world (not to mention his website!).[14] He has said that he flew perilous missions to drop supplies to anti-communist guerrillas in Laos. However, no-one can recall him doing this. He also claims to have been begged to run in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election on a Republican ticket.


Knights of the Ku Klux Klan[edit]

In 1974, Duke founded the Louisiana-based Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKKK: for when three Ks just isn't enough), shortly after graduating from LSU.[15] He became Grand Wizard of the KKKK. Duke first received broad public attention during this time, as he endeavored to market himself in the mid-1970s as a new brand of Klansman: well-groomed, engaged, and professional. Duke also reformed the organization, promoting nonviolence and legality, and, for the first time in the Klan's history, women were accepted as equal members, and Catholics Jews and black people were encouraged to apply for membership.[16] Duke would repeatedly insist that the Klan was "not anti-black", but rather "pro-white" and "pro-Christian." Duke told The Daily Telegraph he left the Klan in 1980 because he disliked its associations with violence and could not stop the members of other Klan chapters from doing "stupid or violent things."[17]

In 1980, Duke left the Klan and formed the National Association for the Advancement of White PeopleWikipedia (NAAWP), a white nationalist organization.[18]

Notably, Duke was severely trolled in 1979 by police detective Ron Stallworth.Wikipedia Stallworth convinced Duke into signing his KKK membership form, without Duke knowing that Stallworth is African American. Stallworth's investigation of the clan was described in his book, Black Klansman,[19] and later dramatized in the film BlacKkKlansman.Wikipedia

Ernst Zündel and the Zundelsite[edit]

Duke has expressed his support for Holocaust denier, wingnut and crank Ernst Zündel, a German emigrant in Canada. Duke made a number of statements supporting Zündel and his Holocaust denial campaign.[20][21][22][23] After the aging and decrepit Zündel was deported from Canada to Germany[24] and imprisoned in Germany on charges of inciting the masses to ethnic hatred,[25] Duke referred to him as a "political prisoner".

2005 doctorate[edit]

In September 2005, Duke received a Candidate of Sciences degree in history from the Ukrainian Interregional Academy of Personnel ManagementWikipedia (MAUP).[26]

His doctoral thesis was titled "Zionism as a Form of Ethnic Supremacism,"[26] which apparently Duke feels no shame or irony saying this as a former Klansman.

The Anti-Defamation League claims that MAUP is the main source of antisemitic activity and publishing in Ukraine,[27] and its "anti-Semitic actions" were "strongly condemned" by Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk and various organizations.[28][29][30][31] The Anti-Defamation League describes it as a "University of Hate".[32] Duke has taught an international relations and a history course at MAUP.[33]


In 1995, Don Black and Chloê Hardin, Duke's ex-wife, founded Stormfront, a prominent online forum for white nationalism, white separatism, holocaust denial, Neo-Nazism, hate speech, conspiracy theories of an antisemitic tinge, and racism.[34][35][36] Duke is an active user on Stormfront, where he posts articles from his own website and polls forum members for opinions and questions, in particular during his Internet broadcasts. Duke has worked with Don Black on numerous projects including Operation Red Dog (the attempted overthrowing of Dominica's government) in 1980.[37][38]

British National Party[edit]

In 2000, Nick Griffin (then leader of the British National Party in the United Kingdom) met with Duke at a seminar with the American Friends of the BNP.Wikipedia[39] During this meeting, Griffin proclaimed:

...instead of talking about racial purity, we talk about identity ... that means basically to use the saleable words, as I say, freedom, security, identity, democracy. Nobody can criticise them. Nobody can come at you and attack you on those ideas. They are saleable.[40][41][42]

This was widely reported in the United Kingdom media, as was the meeting between Duke and Griffin, following electoral successes made by the party in 2009.[40][41][42]

Banned from Twitter[edit]

Duke was finally banned from Twitter in July 2020 after years of posting antisemitic innuendos and conspiracy theories, apparently, because he had posted antisemitic conspiracy theories and misinformation about the COVID.[43]

Books and other "works"[edit]

  • After several more failed runs for the U.S. Senate, he wrote a book called My Awakening. (Ever notice how narcissistic those Nazi works tend to be? Mein Kampf, My Awakening ... My, my, my...)
  • Duke is also purportedly the author of a 1976 self-help sex manual for women on how to perform fellatio and anal sex under the pen-names of James Konrad and Dorothy Vanderbilt,[note 2] and a 1973 street fighting manual for radical black militants, African Atto under the pen-name of Mohammad X.[44]
  • He holds a Ph.D. from a university in Ukraine, notorious for its anti-Semitic views,[45] writing his doctoral thesis on "Zionism as a Form of Ethnic Supremacism".
  • He has an active account on Stormfront, which he uses to big up his own articles. Incidentally, his ex-wife set up the site.
  • From 2003 to 2004, he served a prison term for mail fraud (bilking his supporters into giving donations under false pretenses, much of which he spent on his gambling habit) and for filing a false tax return.[46][47]
  • He has come out in favor of the Tea Party, speaking in April 2010 to tell the world they aren't racist because he says they aren't.[48] Under the delusion that "the 1%" were almost exclusively Jews, he also supported Occupy Wall Street, or, as he put it, Occupy "Zionist" Wall Street. Most people in the Occupy movement tried their best to ignore this.[49]
  • He is the author of the book Jewish Supremacy, which basically argues that his white supremacist ideology is actually the ideology of his enemies; isn't that convenient?
  • Another piece of literature written by him is The Secret Behind Communism, which sees him buying into every anti-communist claim uncritically all while finding a way to blame all of them on Jews.

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