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Center for American Progress

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Center for American Progress (CAP) is a George Soros-funded, liberal, supposedly "progressive," Beltway think tank founded by ex-Bill Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta.

Since the 2008 elections, it has become a mouthpiece for Barack Obama.

Shilling for escalation[edit]

During the run-up to the 2008 election, CAP, which had previously organized anti-Iraq protests with MoveOn.org during the Shrub administration, fell into line with the hawkish Democrats and pushed for escalation in Afghanistan. It has continued to cheerlead for Obama's surge in Afghanistan since then.[1][2]

Transparency? What transparency?[edit]

Obama promised to take the issue of transparency "seriously" before he took office. While Obama's transition team did disclose its funding, there was one exception: CAP. CAP was summarily criticized for failing to disclose its funding and being intimately tied with Obama's transition into the White House.[3] The CAP transition has been compared to the close ties St. Ronnie had with the Heritage Foundation in the early '80s. CAP also has ties to Common Purpose, a pressure group set up by former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel to keep the dirty hippies in line. Common Purpose has been used to goad liberal organizations and activist groups into self-censoring criticism of Obama, such as when liberal groups were told to "ratchet down the rhetoric" over Wall Street bonuses.[4]

Sites they fund[edit]

The CAP Fund bankrolls the websites ThinkProgress and ClimateProgress. ThinkProgress was the former home of liberal blogger Matthew Yglesias and the Wonk Room blog. ClimateProgress is run by physicist and environmentalist Joe Romm. Apparently, Time Magazine really likes Joe Romm.[5]

Vast left-wing conspiracy[edit]

During the Breitbart-gate scandal over ACORN, CAP and associated sites issued statements supportive of ACORN. Due to this, as well as its association with numerous liberal boogeymen, it is considered to be part of the vast Soros/ACORN conspiracy to spread reason social democracy communism across the country.

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