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Clinically unproven
Terra Biological's unimpressive* clinical case studies for CRONaxal. ( * "Low-Grade Oligodendroglioma" can be indolent for years ).

CRONaxal, (previously called Gilaxal[1]), is marketed by Terra Biological llc as a medical food,Wikipedia's W.svg "specially formulated" for people with primary brain tumours. Terra Biological say it contains a substance called oxaloacetate, which they also market as a treatment for the unrelated conditions[2] Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,[3] Pre Menstrual Syndrome,[4] tremor,[5] and doping athletes.[6]

They also make an eponymous oxaloacetate formula for Dr. Mitch Ghen D.O.[7] “Dr. Mitch” has twice been disciplined: once by the North Carolina Medical Board, and once by Florida Board of Medicine.[8]

In their 2015 patent application, Terra Biological said that their oxaloacetate stuff is in clinical trials for "mitochondrial disease, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and Cancer",[9] (is there nothing this miraculous[10] substance can't treat ?).

The bulk price for oxaloacetate is US$1-$10 per kilogram,[11] CRONaxal can cost up to $1500 per month,[12] so unless Terra Biological ship customers their body-weight in the stuff every month, they're being overcharged.

So CRONaxal / oxaloacetate allegedly treats many unrelated conditions, check ✔. It's recommended by dodgy doctors[13], check ✔. Its manufacturer uses the word "miracle", check ✔. It's sold as a food rather than a drug whose efficacy has to be proven, check ✔. Grossly overpriced, check ✔. So CRONaxal has all the hallmarks of a health-fraud scam.

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