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Douglas V. Mastriano (1964–) is a state senator for Pennsylvania's 33rd district, a military historian, and spreader of conspiracy theories and Islamophobia. He represents two counties in south-central PA, which (outside of the rapidly-growing Harrisburg area) is considered to be the most wingnut portion of the state. He later became involved with spreading lies about the 2020 U.S. presidential election and even showed up on January 6,[1] which would go on to bite him when he tried to run for governor of Pennsylvania during the 2022 midterm elections, resulting in him getting utterly trounced.

Military career and writings[edit]

Mastriano had a 31-year military career, serving in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the Afghanistan War. He has written two well-received books about World War I and a number of technical analyses of the latter-day Soviet Union.[2][3][4][5][6] However, his work has been criticized for using fraudulent citations and having sloppy research in general,[7] resulting in one of his books needing to be republished with corrections.[8] Furthermore, when his PhD work on Alvin YorkWikipedia was investigated by James Gregory, he discovered over 150 problems with Mastriano's thesis, such as many instances of Mastriano claiming that a source says something that it doesn't say, but ultimately no action was taken since the university didn't want to influence an ongoing election.[9]

Political career and writings[edit]

Like Donald Trump, whom he deeply admires, Mastriano has left behind a trail of social media posts suggesting that he's a liar, a fool, and/or an ethically-bereft person. He has propagated or created unfounded accusations toward Ilhan Omar, propagated the short-lived conspiracy that Muslims were involved in the Notre Dame Cathedral fire,[10] has spread anti-Semetic conspiracy theories about George Soros,[11] and spread the madness of Jack Posobiec.[12] Mastriano is a Christian nationalist who has openly called the separation of church and state "a myth".[13] He has also called climate change "fake science".[14] In 2022, he introduced a bill that promoted ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 cures.[15] He is a massive homophobe as well, being opposed to same-sex marriage,[16] and he called attempts to ban conversion therapy "disgusting".[17] And to top it all off, he has ties to QAnon, because of course he does.[18]

Mastriano participated in the 2021 U.S. coup attempt attempt, and was even seen crossing police boundaries.[1] For obvious reasons, he is a person of interest in the January 6 investigation.[19] He attempted to impanel a slate of fake electors in an attempt to overturn the election results,[20] and he classily compared the committee to Nazism and McCarthyism when they tried to investigate him for this.[21] He also has ties to the alt-right hate site Gab.[22] Additionally, he has had members of the Oath Keepers working in his personal security detail.[23]

Gubernatorial run[edit]

In 2022, he ran for governor of Pennsylvania. Many of the state's Republicans were well aware that Mastriano would stand no chance of winning, and a few candidates tried to coalesce around Lou Barletta[note 1] when it was clear that Mastriano was leading in the primary, but Donald Trump ruined their plans by stepping in and endorsing Mastriano.[25] Despite his attempts to keep a low media profile, his extreme antidemocratic rhetoric quickly caught up to him, to the point where he was polling worse than Mehmet Oz in the state, costing Republicans a chance at winning what might have otherwise been a competitive race. Mastriano's views towards the media also caused him to shoot himself in the foot. Mastriano did not trust mainstream media to properly handle a debate between himself and Josh Shapiro, and felt that all media outlets would be biased towards Shapiro. Mastriano as such, only would debate Shapiro under a condition that they would both get to decide who the moderators would be.[26] Shapiro called this "stupid" and refused, and thus Mastriano and Shapiro never had a debate, which really hurt Mastriano in the end! He unsurprisingly lost the 2022 gubernatorial election to PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro, being defeated by almost fifteen points.[27] Good riddance.


  1. Who is himself a massive wingnut who is best known for his harsh laws against undocumented immigrants during his tenure as mayor of Hazleton.[24]


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