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If Its the Soldier In me that says fight for my country. If Its the Christian In me that says fight for my God. If Its the White man In me that says fight for my race. Then Its the 'Hate' In me that says fuck off you dirty stinking child raping paedophile cunting oppressing giro cashing camel piss drinking goat fucking gay bashing young boy bumming war starting sandle wearing poppy burning flag destroying building destructing rag head heroin producing un-democratic smelly unwashed fucking freaks of nature with nits In your womens beards...that makes me not very keen on Islam.
—CXF member Margaret Taint[1]

Combined Ex Forces (CXF for short) is a British extreme right paramilitary organisation for former, current and future members of the armed forces which focuses primarily on campaigning against Islam.

Paul Walsh, also known as Paul James, was once the group's second in command. The website EDLNews exposed Walsh as an army deserter and former member of a burglary ring;[2][3] he has since been kicked out of the group for reasons that are not clear.[4]

Another prominent member is Michael Rafferty. Rafferty has been identified in the press as a "leading EDL figure",[5] but is in fact critical of the English Defence League, as he eloquently explains:

Ok lets get this striate the leader off the edl Steven Lennon aka Tommy Robinson aka yax has not made any dissections on how the edl is run and has been guided though it all most off the information has come from cxf for the last 16 months the so called leader off the English defence league has used his power to intimidated his own members and build up large amount off capital states that he loves his country and the armed forces but he has sold you all out and I am sorry the lad who he punched in the car park o yes he was a soldier you attack soldiers we attack back you say I have militant thoughts I am a soldier it is called defending your own country nottrying to make money off it so I can live like a pop star ever org and group that has come in and tried to help them they have made up some bullshit excuse to get ride as your own member have noticed that you are only out for your own gain you do not run the edl the people run it the people that pay to travel the country to support the cause not a coke head who loves the attention you stated the other day about Alan lake I will leave that one as I will be doing a live report with one off the contacts that I had got for you from sky so that your own members no that they need a change at the top before it is to late and you and your back room staff fuck up all there hard work and yes I will say there hard work because what have you actually done jumped over a fence after receiving the info off me I will tell you this now I have been battling with the gov and the Muslims extremists I have a new agenda as well now to get a leader for the edl who is a true patriot and will defend his own unlike your self[6]

The posting by Rafferty that resulted in police action

Likewise members of the EDL have also distanced themselves from Rafferty and CXF.[7]

One of Rafferty's online comments, involving firearms being brought to London, resulted in more than 170 EDL supporters being arrested in November 2011 to prevent a breach of the peace.[5]

Its forum has attracted a few conspiracy theorists who are worried that the government could hack the CXF's page,[8] and that a New World Order is coming.[9]

CxF's Deeside division leader, Matthew Stephen Raymond Woodward, pleaded guilty to fifteen charges of owning level one child pornography.[10] It is not clear if he is still involved with the group.

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