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The Gateway Pundit is a hard-right website founded by former corporate executive Jim Hoft, who is also a principal writer.[1] Often cited by such "scholars" as Matt Drudge, it holds a strong pro-Trump[2] stance, is anti-liberal, and has occasional flirtation with outright white supremacists. It is a fairly popular blog, allegedly getting 4 to 5 million views each month, once again proving that being popular doesn't necessarily make you right.


The Gateway Pundit tends to care primarily about riling up its right-wing base over actually doing any journalism, such as fact checking. As such, they have published a number of false stories. These include such claims as Hillary Clinton taking Algeria off the terror watch list, with their "proof" being a politifact story that debunks the claim. [3]

The site often misidentifies perpetrators of attacks, claiming they are liberal. The site has spread false information about the 2017 Las Vegas shooting (misidentifying the perpetrator) and the 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting (stating that the survivors were crisis actors);[1] in both events, Gateway Pundit has claimed, without evidence, that the perpetrators were Democrats. [1] The site also falsely claimed that the Jacksonville landing shooter was a redditor who posts anti-trump messages, despite the shooter being dead and the redditor being alive. [4]

The Gateway Pundit actually received White House press credentials in 2017 from the Trump administration, but the tipping point of their vileness may have been reached when they were disinvited from a panel at the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference due to their "reportage" over the Stoneman Douglas shooting by Wintrich.[1]

On February 14, 2018, Hoft, Gavin McInnes, Paul Nehlen, and several other people and entities were sued for defamation for falsely naming the driver who killed Heather Heyer at the 2017 Unite the Right rally.[1][5]


Comments section[edit]

The top rated comments give us a good idea of who the site attracts.

"He is NOT BLACK he is an SUNI MUSLIM he looks black but his culture is Islamist! He speaks perfect araibec and can recite the call for prayer! Do you know a black man that can do that?????? Most black American men are Christians. He hates Christians, and he has a fake marriage! Its all fake!! First thing he did was delete all the words of GOD and take out any words of Islamists and change all the miranda rights--this isnt an American this is a traitor! He is not an American! They trained him he is an imposter! He didnt care about the 30 Navy seal tean six or Bengazi!!! He used the black people to get their vote! He is an actor!!" 181 upvotes, 0 downvotes

"Do you actually think OUR, *cough*, congress IS GOING to impeach the first black POS marxist muslim potus? *sigh* he NEVER should have been elected in the first place." 220 upvotes, 2 downvotes (Basically, 220 people don't understand that nearly all Marxists are atheists)

"Muslim in NOT a race of people, it's a Satanic cult!" 77 upvotes, 1 downvote

"They are using the gays to destroy Christianity, then the Muslims are going to kill all the gays, that's how they are going to take over the world." 42 upvotes, 0 downvotes[25]

"That’s right, anything filed against a lib has GOTTA be bogus! Anything thrown up against the wall that accuses Trump of something??? Now THAT’S true!" 50 upvotes, 0 downvotes[26]

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