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As far as I’m concerned, Hitler was just a SJW who happened to get freaky amounts of power and actually implement his #KillAllJews (the predecessor to #KillAllMen) worldview.
—Lauren Southern, history understander[1]

Lauren Southern (1995–) is a Canadian white-nationalist and far-right[2] activist[3][4] who, in March 2018, was banned from entering the UK for distributing leaflets saying "Allah is a gay god", which allegedly incited religious hatred against Muslims.[5][6] Her political views include opposition to Islam, liberalism, multiculturalism, feminism and LGBT rights, while supporting paleoconservatism, cultural nationalism, and the right to keep and bear arms. Media and the SPLC have described her as alt-right,[7] but her rejection of neo-Nazism for a not-so moderate (albeit still xenophobic) cultural nationalism makes her alt-liteWikipedia's W.svg, similar to Paul Joseph Watson. Southern contributed to The Rebel Media, a hard-right wing Canadian online political and social commentary media platform owned by conservative political activist Ezra Levant, where she hosted the talk show Stand Off with Lauren Southern.[8][9]

Southern, a former member of the Libertarian Party of Canada,[10] considers herself a cultural libertarian.[11][12][13] However she holds many reactionary and nationalist views that seemingly oppose libertarianism. She has expressed support for Donald Trump[14] and for Nigel Farage.

Early life and education[edit]

Southern studied political science at the University of Fraser Valley for two years before dropping out, calling the program "a waste of money to pay for knowledge she could get on her own." During her time there, she was heavily political to the point that most of her peers either saw her views as absurd or simply believed it better not to discuss politics with her due to how unpleasant she could get, and described herself as being into the kind of "Ayn Rand bitch style of libertarianism." She applied to be a military intelligence officer after leaving the university but would become a poster child of the alt-right after attending a Toronto conference headed by Ezra Levant.[15]


Southern and Faith Goldy wearing Deus Vult hoodies[16]


If only you read a history book you'd know opening your gates to the barbarians leads to the downfall of great civilizations 👌🏻
—Lauren Southern, history book reader[17]

On 15 July 2017, Southern published the video "The Streets of Paris", which featured footage of Paris that included nonwhites (gasp!) and this hilarious description:[18]

For those who are confused by the point of this video, the point is that France is changing forever due to mass immigration. The people in this video were not speaking French, the women were not wearing their hair in French Braids, they had their head scarves on. [....] France will not be France for long[.]

Southern later expressed linguistic horror on behalf of the French:[19]

If there were tons of ppl coming here waving the French flag, denouncing Islamic extremism & assimilating totally no one would have issues. That's not what's happening. There are enclaves. They're not speaking English. They're voting for more mass immigration and welfare.

On 03 July 2017, Southern published the video "The Great Replacement", which featured Southern narrating statistics over chaotic footage of migrants.[20] Southern describes the Great Replacement as "a very simple concept: you have one people and in the space of a single generation you have a different people" and claims that "the future of Europe looks pretty halal". Southern lists several reasons why the Great Replacement is occurring:

The Christchurch terrorist referenced this conspiracy theory during the shooting.

Southern pretends that she's not racist but on a Sky News interview she considered that it would be easy for a white non-migrant to come to Europe if he wanted to as long as he puts some "bronzer" and gets on a "dinghy boat". [21][22]

White genocide[edit]

On 25 June 2018, Southern published a video "FARMLANDS (2018) | Official Documentary" which claims that South African farm attacks constitute an ongoing or impending genocide against whites.[23] This is a (false) common talking point for white nationalists.[24] Southern previously interviewed the Suidlanders, a group of "race war preppers" headed by Simon Roche. Roche frequently appears as a talking head without Southern mentioning his extremist views or links to Identity Evropa and the League of the South.[25]


Southern believes that people should consider their nation as their extended family -- which is literally fascist rhetoric -- and also supports "pan-Western nationalism", which is a fancy way of saying "white nationalism":

So get that stupid little mustache out of your head. I’m not the Nazi you’re looking for, and nationalism is more than just not-that-bad. It’s awesome. Particularly the kind of pan-Western nationalism I’m talking about here, which actually doesn’t have a precedent of either a positive or negative kind in history. It’s simply too ambitious. But unlike the utopian fever dream that is globalism, I think this kind of nationalism has a chance at defining world politics for centuries. Why? Because it conforms to human nature. Indeed, once you strip away the examples of people abusing nationalism for the sake of their own mental illness, you eventually realize that its superiority to globalism is actually based on one of the most healthy parts of human nature: the preference for a group that supports each other, like a family.


Southern thinks, pointing to Ben Shapiro's video "The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority",[26] that a majority of Muslims in the world hold views that "do not align with Western values", and she states that she does not want such Muslims in the West, "changing the base culture of the West".[27]

Southern believes that Hitler was simply too friendly to the Muslims:[1]

Oh, and another problem I have with Hitler? He fawned over Muslims more sycophantically than Justin Trudeau. Bibi Netanyahu was right to point out that Hitler decided on the Holocaust partly because Middle Eastern Muslims told him they didn’t want Jews expelled into the region. That’s some commitment to showing how much you’re not an Islamophobe. And to give little Adolf his due, he wasn’t: he was actually more of an Islamophile, truth be told. He even wished he was Muslim himself. Yes, that’s right: on top of being a whiny art student who scapegoated an allegedly “privileged” race for all his problems, and talked a bunch of violent, angry people into siding with him (like any good SJW), Hitler also wished he was Muslim. He might’ve been a nationalist by technicality, but he was more in the New Black Panthers style of “nationalist” than the Trump style. Frankly, I think today, he’d be one of those low-T Tumblr crazies who join ISIS and end up on the news.


#AltRightMeans I don't have to be ashamed of my heritage.
—Lauren Southern[28]

Southern rejects the alt-right label despite agreeing with many of its goals. Southern stated, "It's hard not to sympathize with a lot of the alt-right causes and I do align with a lot of them. I keep a healthy skepticism of any movement that I join or sympathize with, or just talk about. […] and the alt-right certainly deserves a healthy skepticism."[29] When described as an alt-right journalist by Thunderf00t, Southern stated that "[w]hile I certainly have crossover with alt-right on a decent amount of subjects, I don't focus on white identity as one of my main topics. […] And because of this most of the alt-right do not refer to me as alt-right. […] Many people on [the] alt-right would find the description of me [as alt-right to be] inaccurate and laughable".[30]


Despite claiming to dislike feminism and advocating a return to traditionalism, Southern (and other women in the Alt-right) has complained about harassment from male members of the Alt-right for not being married with children at age 22 years old. Gee, the racist and hateful audience that she has amassed are also sexist? Who could have guessed?! In a YouTube video, she argues that it would be more "degenerate" for her to have children now without finding the right man.[31] Regardless of whether she supports feminism or not, we're sure many feminists would respect Southern's right to marry and have children whenever she wants to, as do we.


When she was asked about her religion, specifically to the question whether she is Christian, she answered she is "searching".[32]

Political activities[edit]

Southern has run as a candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada.[33] She is the force behind "The Triggering", an event to "defend freedom of speech by posting 'offensive content' on social media". "The Triggering" occurred on 9 March 2016, the day after International Women's Day, which may have been intentional.[34] Needless to say, her fans rejoiced and took part in the event.

She appears to be buddies with British right-wing activist Milo Yiannopoulos, a former senior editor for far-right news and opinion website Breitbart News, as they appeared together in October of 2015 during a Slutwalk to share their "opinions" on rape culture.[35] She did the same thing in a Vancouver Slutwalk in June of that year.[36] Classy. At a transgender rally in early 2016, Southern might have had urine poured on her by a black blocWikipedia's W.svg protester, for stating that only two genders exist.[37] She also attended an Antifa rally with The Rebel Media in London following Brexit and received a hostile reception from protesters.[38]

Southern has accused the left of promoting a culture of decadence and laziness, and wants the youth to resort to a culture of "traditional values".[39]

Far-right connections[edit]

Southern has since claimed allegiance to two radical Identitarian, alt-right groups, Defend Europe and Generation Identity (specifically its French branch). Their activities have included interfering with humanitarian vessels trying to rescue migrants by shooting flares at them and yelling hate slogans.[40][41] She later in a Twitter video called for 4chan's infamous /pol/ board to join the fight.[42]

The groups have been labeled as anti-Islam, anti-immigration factions that wish to protect Europeans from the threat of an invasion. Besides the obvious reactionary claims, they have also justified their xenophobia on the pretense of wishing to stop the alleged human trafficking of refugees drowning in the sea caused by corrupt humanitarian aid workers who supposedly cooperate with smugglers by... trying to sink boats of refugees themselves instead.[43]

As expected, international human rights activists have widely condemned the groups and their actions.[44] Perhaps then it's not surprising that Patreon later deleted Southern's account on the grounds that she was "raising funds in order to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life."[45]

When Southern and alt-right dark wizard Stefan Molyneux embarked on a speaking tour of Australia in 2018, they met with the Lads Society, a far right men's only society led by convicted criminal and Neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell[46]. They were also photographed with the group performing white nationalist salutes.

Calling quits[edit]

On June 2, 2019, Southern announced that she was quitting political activism[47]. Yay.

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