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24TK:Isn't it funnyimg that Obama is in Hawaii as Rush Limbaugh has a heart attack there. We can place you at the scene of the crime, Mr. Obama...
14Conservapedia announces its "Conservatives of the Decade!"img Who took the top spot? Who made the waves? Who represented conservatism the best? A sexual harasser who supported expansive executive power and unreasonable police searches, who barely asks questions during his job. This is the best conservative from 2000 to 2009?
19Congress is safely held by Democrats. Obama handily won the election. But DMorris dreams of an Obama impeachmentimg in the next decade.
76Is it really Obama who's bitter about not being president of the Harvard Law Review, not being successeful in politics, not winning a Nobel Prize er... not winning all the Nobel Prizesimg?
-63User: The decade won't end for a year, so you shouldn't be doing "Conservatives of the Decade" just yet.img Andy: Jesus wasn't born in A.D. 1. Buzz off.img
20Why not, Terry Koeckritz? He accomplished more this decade than most of the other picks.img
55User: "Your speculation about Castro's death is violating the rules."img - TK: "Impossible. We are the rules."img
19Yipe! According to TerryH's own blog a very reliable source, cap-and-trade isn't anything to do with the environment at all; it's a conspiracy to reduce American agricultural productivity!img
24When an intelligence failure in 2001 cleared the way for 9/11, President Bush said nothing. When a similar intelligence failure occurred in 2009, President Obama announced intent to improve the system to stop further failures. Instead of commending Obama for being tough on terrorism, Andy concludes that Obama is to blame for something-or-other and is trying to palm it off on somebody else.img Also, despite not linking to the full text of Obama's speech, Andy magically knows what Obama did not say in it.
8Uncle Ed bans a userimg for asking for Ed's email.img Update: User's banishment over with due to "personal email."
75The debate on Fidel won't die!

User: Other countries' leaders say he's alive. Do they lie, too?img
Karajou: If you think he's alive, go there to see for yourself. While you're there, try to criticize him or attend the church you want.img
Andy: Castro wrote articles? Proves NOTHING! Each day he lives, the chance he's still alive shrinks. It's amazing liberals deny he's dead! Liberals won't deny it if the NYT runs a front page article about it! THEN Cuba will announce he's dead!img
User: I was just asking questions about why you think he's dead.img
Karajou: If you don't care, then ARGUMENT OVER!img
User: I'm sorry. I just wanted the truth, not speculation.img
Karajou: You should read the Bible more, especially the part about churches who "don't care one way or the other," like you.img
JDW: What motivation do liberals have for denying Fidel's death? It sounds like you're just picking a useless fight, Andy.img
User 3: Andy, you don't make sense. You're breaking Conservapedia commandment 5, no personal opinion. I'm going to change the article to reflect this is only speculation.img
Ed: Fidel Castro is "missing and assumed dead c. 2009."img He didn't "serve" his posts but "held" the posts, since he wasn't honestly elected.img Rev. Moon Fidel reveled in worship of him by the public (and kissing up to Andy by directly copying his statement).img
Wheel: Ed,img User 3,img Ed protects,img Ed!img

28Uncle Ed adds to the requirements to edit on CP: "Refusal to submit a writing plan is grounds for dismissal from the project."img
25Uncle Ed to JDW: "Get a clue!"img Communists lie about everything! They have to conceal Fidel's death until they come up with a new dictator! Uncle Ed hasn't read CP's article where it states, "On February 18, 2008, Fidel Castro resigned as President of the State Council and Commander in Chief. He was succeeded by his brother, Raul Castro."img
-4Andy: Superwoman from Minnesota "exposed the attempt at a global currency; led the conservative fight against the govt takeover of health care; opposed the gay agenda, and beat back the liberals who targeted her seat."img We just can't be bothered to spell her name correctly.
9Ben: I think Limbaugh is a good choice.img Andy: I have an open mind about this, but STFU!!limg Ben: I see your point, and raise you clear and concise reasons for inclusion.img Igor Ben: Yes master!img.
60User: Endogenous retroviruses put the theory of evolution beyond reasonable doubt.img  K e n  D o l l : Um ... er ... HEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!! Quick! Before I run out of Bible verses to quote!img UPDATE: User: What are these "creation scientists" of which you speak?img  K e n  D o l l : Look it up ... no wait, don't!!img
24What will be the most influential trends of the coming decade? Andy: Whatever I'm obsessed with thisimg week.img
27Jinx hi Jinx! nominates Andy as conservative of the decade,img admitting he does it largely to drive us into some sort of uncontrollable rage. Apparently he's unaware he's already been repeatedly beatimg to theimg punchimg, and the nomination has been removed each time by Andy. (And no, Jinx, we're not in some sort of frenzy, but it's hard to pass up another chance to display your idiocy.)
39Andy: Fidel Castro has not been seen in public for a while. Therefore, Fidel Castro is deadimg and writing newspaper columns from hELL the grave. NAO: Is Andy reading RW?img
17Thisimg willimg neverimg getimg oldimg willimg itimg Karajou.img
-1Choice of the choiciest, Andy asks for contributions to "Conservatives of the Decade."img They should measure up to Ronald Reagan, Andy explains. NAO with "quotes of the decade," including one from Junoimg to nominate an "unborn child."
34Jpatt asks the question we all ask ourselves: Would anyone be surprised that a conservative think-tank named nine of its ten "most corrupt politicians" as Democrats?img
37And what picture does  K e n  D o l l  think best illustrates the concept of evolution? Why, Michelle Obamaimg, of course! BONUS: Hitler's back!img
16The encyclopedia that does not engage in gossip wonders whether a Democratic senator is drunk during a speech?img
47Andy can't get over the butthurt of the Lenski affair.img
16Uncle Ed projects, "If it were proved to your satisfaction that some idea you've been using to bolster a political argument was false, would you keep using that idea in your argument?"img Wouldimg you,img Ed?img
35Karajouimg and Philip J. Raymentimg: "The Scientific Method is the process used by scientists to conduct experiments." - Ed Poor: (almost two years later, even) "No, it's about italic, bold and colouring in scientific papers"img
-14"A clearer, simpler introduction"!img Maybe Andy was having a very merry Christmas.
16Jpatt: A news story from the previous dayimg posted to Wikipedia includes the words "al-Qaeda," "Taliban," "extremist" and "terrorist," but not "Muslim terrorist." This proves that liberals want to hide the truth. CP's page on the terroristimg claims that Wikipedia's page never mentions "terrorist," if one ignores the seven times the term appears in the main article.
92The greatest Ed stub of all time.img
22Ed's rampage causes some friendly fire: "Kill!img Kill!img Kill!img ... Shit!img Shit!img Shit!"img (Plus oneimg he forgot to clean up...)
32User: "I think the intro sentence is missing a word."img Ed: Begone,img time-waster!img
48Ed just realized that he hasn't fulfilled his yearly bullying quota and now has to catch up:img "Dear Evelyn, please use your real name. Also, I just deleted your article, so now you violate our 90/10 policy. Oh, and show me a Writing Plan."
-67How DARE they? They are showing Jesus with a PENISimg
17The wiki that doesn't accept British spelling is thinking of being multiculturalimg.
-17Benp's AABB rhyme schemeimg lands a fatal blow to Xmas secularism! Only fitting, since true poetry did not exist before Christ.
153Terry Koeckritz: "I made this!"img Well, TerryKake, you'd better sue these people for copyright infringement. Update: Karagoogoo questions why someone would be reading CP, and JacobB steps in to defend TK's plagiarism; "If TK said he made it, then he made it"img Update 2: Now "Fair use"img rather than "Self-made"; which is at least nice since the pictures are pixel-perfectly identical. UPDATE 3: Terry Koeckritz burns the talk pageimg for "lying." MORE: How long until thisimg and thisimg gets burned? FFS: You do not talkimg about TK's plagiarism.img MORE: Here's hoping!img
48Ed Poor puts some "tough love"img in a new user's stocking. Merry Christmas, bitch!
13Andy: Washington's Farewell Address proves that America is not an empire!imgAnd, for extra hilarity (and, were this anyone but Andy, a surefire Poe marker) the Monroe Doctrine proves the same.
25JacobB: Hollywood hurts conservative kidsimg by saying intelligent design is not a science and that smart people believe evolution to be true. Why won't Hollywood think of the children???img
33Andy gives everyone early Christmas giftsimg by trying to rationalize his BotP with more articles.
24Another swing and a miss.img Galois was known in his lifetime and published several papers before his death; he also earned a degree and even offered classes in advanced algebra. His ideas were accepted almost immediately in mathematics.
36Karajou: "Damn the evidence,img I'm still not convinced!"
18How low can you go? If you're Jpatt, "combining prescription drugs,"img all legally prescribed, which caused Brittany Murphy's death, is further evidence of "Hollywood Values."
142Andy: "The Beatles were experts, yet no song they produced was as good or as appreciated as the one-hit wonders."img Nuff said.
5JacobB is reading a bookimg about liberal denials to add to Conservapedia. One of the first "denials" in this book is that history books include photos of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s! Could it be because the Klan's resurgence and peak popularity occurred in the '10s and '20s, due to anti-immigration fears and southerners still segregating blacks?
31Uncle Ed weighs in again: "Liburls muddy waters with context and meanings. We mean 'established experts' or 'acknowledged experts'. Only a fool (or an enemy) would think (or suggest) that we meant that having expert knowledge was useless."img Funny, Ed, the pageimg has a large quote, "The best of the public is better than a group of experts." Only fools or enemies would assume you meant experts?
44The "public" encompasses more and more people; now even starting pitchers for the New York Yankeesimg are not considered experts in their field.
23Jinx hi Jinx!, wearing his illiteracy on his sleeve, cites a study showing that pet dogs leave a carbon footprint basically equivalent to that of a car, and has decided that it means liberals want to ban petsimg
46Andy hates It's a Wonderful Lifeimg because it portrays humanism and not Christian truths. The movie shows George Bailey doing good deeds; apparently, to show Christian values, he should have been a complete asshole. Next on the cutting block, Bambi and its environmentalist message.
42Liberals hate the baby Jesus!img Conservatives hate fire safety!
18Ed: 'I tried to update Wikipedia with useful information, but they took it out because they hate useful information'[1]img. Reality: 'Ed tried to update Wikipedia with confusing information that suggests he doesn't really know what he's talking about'[2]. More So he adds a new(pisspoor) article on the same lines.
19New user sucks up to Andyimg. Andy, being a douche: Nice try, but you should agree with me more!img
33Andy believes that Conservapedia offers nothing fake.img Heimg shouldimg readimg hisimg siteimg moreimg often.img
61Conservapedia, the site that thinks doctors should be forced to tell patients imaginary risks relating to abortion and vaccines, thinks making cell phone manufacturers report the levels of radiation emitted by their products is "nanny-statism".img Remember this simple rule, folks: it's only nanny-statism if a lib-burr-rul proposes it!
18 K e n  D o l l , showing typical conservative confusion, manages to decorate the main page with several examples of climate changeimg, during a garbled attack on Obama.
-7Only in conservaland: Obama wins a Nobel peace prize when he wants to continue a war,img but it should have gone to a manimg who had his own incursions.
2 K e n  D o l l  polishesimg the crown jewels. For an hourimg.
-2Another hour, another attemptimg to justify the meme: "Being 'the best of the public' and not an 'expert' means you can break a record that lasts 30 years (ed. Bob Beamon won 22 of 23 track and field events prior to the Olympics where he broke the record, and whose record only stood for 23 years), or a broken clock is right more often than a working clock (ed. except for any atomic or digitally-synced clocks), or a musician who created a great song but nothing else worth mentioning (ed. except Don McLean made more than twenty albums, almost all after his best song was released)." And the best ending to an Andy insight: "Whether you understand occasional insights as inspired achievement, the work of the Spirit, or simply luck, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that greatness often comes from outside of the recognized experts." Still waiting for yours, Andy.
52FrankC: "But the examples you use are experts! The public wouldn't understand questions about high-level math or physics."img Andy: "Many of the public can understand higher math. You show the harm of 'experts only' mentality. By pretending that only experts can understand something, you destroy my pet project. Arrogant pricks like you force Perelman into hiding."img FrankC: "Perelman fits your definition of an expert to a T. And he chose to be a recluse because of his eccentricity. Also, people who understand higher math are experts in math."img Memory holing in 3... 2... Update 1: Andy can't be wrong. "You're simply redefining 'expert.' Since Perelman didn't have a math job, he wasn't an expert. Perelman rejected the experts in math, so he wasn't an expert himself!"img
35Another Sunday, another "insight". Now Testing Biasimg discriminates against conservatives who think there's a big invisible guy in the sky watching them all the time using "reason".
14 K e n  D o l l  finds an unbiased USA Today survey of happiness in each state and draws a conclusion, "Democrat and liberal states are the least happiest statesimg." Careful now, Hawaii is mostly a Democrat state that voted for Obama in 2008 presidential election (which is ranked the second happiest state).
24Andy admits error,img promises to fix the error, all while admitting he used a liberal source and with heavy amounts of snark.
84Andy: "Galileo's contributions were not substantial."img UPDATE: User: Surely you're joking!!!img Andy (whose insights into physics cause merriment to scientists everywhere): Sure I'm seriousimg, now go away.img
44Karajou's new cartoonimg shows "the typical environmentalist at Copenhagen": Red on the inside, black and white green on the outside. Obviously Karajou lost the green crayon. (Careful, there; your color scheme is a little too Battleship Potemkin for comfort.)
33To save his meme, Andy points to another example.img Andy says this "unknown", who was well known in mathematical circles, provided the solution to one of the "greatest unsolved math problems of the 20th century," but that "a leading expert was accused of improperly trying to take credit for Perelman's work,"img without citation or naming the expert. Apparently the "best of the public" is almost entirely made up of experts in his examples.
7How do you start your day? If you're Andy, you make the Bible sound like a first-grader were describing what happened.img "A fantastic way to start the day" indeed!
33Andy tries for another Lenski. This pulsar disproves relativity! That's why no one's published any data about it for five years.img Science: Thirty years of data for Andy. Why did the data stop? Scientists found another binary pulsar where both stars' energy reaches the earth. With PSR B1913+16, only one star of the binary system had energy which reached the earth. Why study an incomplete source of data when a new one is revealed? When will the "coverup"img end?
83User: The "Liberal denials about history" article has got to be a joke.img Andy: You're in absurd denial. Invention is an American thing and Americans work harder than anyone else.img User: What about the Malaysian work camps where you work 12 hours a day and barely get anything to eat?img Andy: You have free will to deny basic facts. I'll bet you spend more time trying to reject the Bible than reading it.img User: I'm a member of the Plymouth Brethren, actually. Rejecting the Bible isn't in my modus operandi.img Andy: um, TL;DR, um...img
10The psychological projection knob is wound up as it is announced that when President Obama says, "meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough,"img he is speaking in code and means "failure." Of course, a right-winger would never do anything like that!
-4In Andyland, Conservatives can be a little liberalimg because it's "educational, effective and appropriate."

In Ed's world, both atheists and Moonies are considered "Jewish"img.

7Get out your translation dictionaries. Cover-upimg now means "not to listen to a suggestion." The Rogers Commission found no evidence of any cover-ups, just management not listening to engineers about a design flaw. And Ed? He's still an expert, not "the public."img
16JDW: Experience helps with talent. Even common sense can't defeat a talented, experienced person.img Uncle Ed: Yeah, expertise is experience, where being an expert is only political. Al Gore got a Nobel even though he's only an expert! Encyclopedias should be about expertise, not experts.img Oi... Andy weighs in: "An expert is a particular type of person who pursued a particular credentialing path. It usually entails years of specialized learning from ages 16 to 25, at the sacrifice of other activities or pursuits. Typically experts are from middle or upper class families that value credentials. Women who have children during those ages -- the most natural ages for childbearing, are disqualified. Also, criticizing the mainstream or saying something politically incorrect is a disqualification. Only a tiny percentage of the public fits this narrow track of an 'expert'."img At least we know what Andy considers an expert in his rants.
18Andy, gushing about the CBP: Wow!!!! The whole KJV is up on Conservapedia now!!!img A huge amount of credit is due to the man who performed a job so simple regexes could do it a spectacular feat of programming!!!
36We are challenged to a game of chessimg
31Andy tries to salvage his "best of the public": If Conservapedia's rules governed it, the public could collectively beat Kasparov at chess, instead of one expert.img Plus, if the public could use computers, Kasparov would lose! Andy ignores Kasparov's history against computers, and even against the world.
-8Now what is Ed live blogging?img
11Andy and his pet idea of "best of the public" hits another snag. I didn't realize the Boston Marathon had a new, strict qualification.img A new thing? And it appears his new choice also has requirements for entry.
56Valid Debate, a play in three parts with intermission

NP: "Was Jesus liberal or conservative?"img
Andy: "There's no debate, because I translate the Bible, and there's nothing liberal in my version."img
NP: "If helping the poor is a choice, why shouldn't abortion be a choice?"img
Andy: "You're illogical. I just don't want to respond to your questions. You'd know the answer if you'd translate the Bible like I do."img
JAiken: "Government's only good if it enforces the Bible's rules."img
Andy: "That's not logical. Like my suggestion for NP, Like my suggestion for NP, read the Bible at least 5% of your life."img
JAiken: "I read and discuss the Bible regularly. It's wonderful."img
Andy: "Everyone says they read the Bible growing up. But do you eat vegetables or exercise regularly now? Because that's like reading the Bible. Besides, Bible discussion groups never translate the Bible. Just talking about the Bible can't reveal how logical it is."img

19Pointing out errors in the Conservative Bible Project translationimg gets you banhammered for pulling things out of your large intestine.img
-29Careful, there, Andy;img you might be giving a hint to your underlings that you are in desperate need of a good banhammering.
36Freudian slip alert: Ed, urging the Wiki not to perpetuate "feminist hype," notes that womon didn't bring down the Fort Hood shooter.img
83On the repeat of the Schlafly interview episode of The Colbert Report, Professor Schlafly instructs his class: "Stephen Colbert may have liked the high quality of this particular show and chose to replay it for that reason, or perhaps he selected it again for its educational value."img
-32A moment of rationalityimg hits CP. Will Andy understand? Will Terry Koeckritz banhammer? These and other important questions will be answered on the next episode of Soap.
23Chippeterson tries hardimg to come up with twenty... A bomb that "satirizes liberalism" like Mallard Fillmore satirizes Democrats, any movie (Apollo 13, Signs, Dawn of the Dead (2004)) that he can try to find a conservative message somewhere in it, and missing some obvious titles. Note: Forest Gump is now a Greatest Conservative Movie. National Review is clueless. Forrest Gump, featuring liberal Tom Hanks, is liberal claptrap.--Aschlafly 21:19, 19 July 2007img and should be removed there tooimg.
20Credit where due: Andy makes a funnyimg.
27The neophyte might think that Jpatt was trying to be funny here.img
26Parodist exposed: Father Joseph, supposedly having been a priest since 1949, states that he has said "very few" Latin massesimg on account of Vatican II. Andy calls him on it.img And laughsimg his Schlafly laugh at him!
49Andy pleads for someone to out him as a closet liberal.img
10A long-serving conservative lib-burr-rul Democratic congressman announces that he is retiring to spend more time with his family. But Andy has it from a very reliable source that this is "liberal claptrap" and that the man is simply afraid he'll be voted out of office.img
50Uh, Ed, you're editing a Wiki here, not programming a database.img
46New study: More Democrats than Republicans believe in ghosts.img On the other hand more Republicans than Democrats believe in a certain holy ghost who burped the world into existence 6,000 years ago, but this escapes mention. BONUS:  K e n  D o l l  chimes in: Only people who are gullible enough to believe in evolution would believe in ghosts!img
17Another weakly toon. Sigh...img
34It's Andy Insight Time: Reading the Bible is like a diet. It must be done daily. Not reading the Bible is censoring it.img Update: Andy hasn't caught on how funny this is to us: You're in denial that not devoting 5% of your time to the Bible is censoring it. You also deny Hell exists.img See? They're examples of liberal deceit!img
65How To Be a Prick 101, in a play of five acts.
User: This site seems more biased and less honest than Wikipedia. Any thoughts?img

Andy: You're a liberal who hates the truth.img
User: This is what I expected based on edits here...img
Andy: You just want to censor classroom prayer! Would you like it if liberals were never allowed to speak in public?img
User: You're creating straw men instead of discussing the bias and dishonesty here.img
Andy: How about we allow liberals to have thoughts in school but never speak?img
User: I would have replied earlier, but I got banned. Andy, you never addressed my concerns.img
Andy: Hah! You made a typo! And how about you make some edits here before I bother responding?img
User: What I would want to edit is locked. I don't want to just talk, talk, talk, but what can be done?img
Andy: The typo was intentional. You're closed-minded. Until you open your mind, I will ignore you.img
User: You lack an open mind, insult me, and refuse to discuss my original statements. If you want contributions, stop locking pages.img
User: P.S. Don't you censor by blocking people from contributing here?img
Andy: Yes I do.img Godspeed.img

20Great new philosophy from Andy: "politics transcends all categories and all disciplines."img
32Bert, rightly skeptical that any actual minister would ever use Conservapedia's translation of the Bible, subtly asks for some verification that the good father is who he claims to beimg. However, after being given a specific answerimg, but one difficult to verify, Bert is clearly still uncertain of this parodist, and administers in his typical incoherent, rambling fashion, his own version of an Uncle Ed writing assignmentimg.
43Benp points out that the phrase "Thank you Conservapedia" yields nearly 900 google hitsimg, stating that's pretty good for such a small wiki. It would be, if the number weren't actually 32 unique hits all of them sarcastic (except the first, which was the talk page discussion in which the search was brought up), the ninth being an unmentionable vandal site.
51Andy: What?! There's nothing illogical about a talking bush.img
6Except, Andy, no one is basing their worldviews off eyewitness accounts from yesterday.img If people dismissed science, other religions, politics, economics, and other aspects of reality based on eyewitness accounts, then you'd have a point.
24Geo.plrd deletes "Template:Stub" for being "stupid."img Two weeks later, over 800 pagesimg still have a red link to the template at the top.img
9Ed Poor defines science.img Goto 10: Andy, why don't liberals agree with us on science?img Come see my ideas, let me know what you think.
26DouglasA: Denying that the Tower of Babel's destruction created the world languagesimg is spreading evolutionist lies.img Remember that DouglasA hates rudeness.img
45The Riverfront Times: "Colbert, as he is wont to do to his more loony GOP guests, mocked Schlafy mercilessly. And it was awesome." Andy, gleeful: "My Conservapedia's interview on the Colbert Report has been called a banner momentimg in Comedy Central history!"
31WTF Andy?img Tighten that tin foil hat of yours. Do you really mean to say that spending less than 5% of your life reading the Bible (equal to approximately 4 years of nonstop reading) is censorship?img
14Andy: "Liberal deceit has suspended the Copenhagen talks!"img Reality: African nations walk out due to issues of richer nations demanding more money of poorer nations, and fears that the Kyoto Protocol will be overturned.
6Conservapedia is sane, no straight-jackets (sic) needed — December 9: Keynesian economic policies are destroying America!img Conservapedia, December 13: Keynesian ideas form the basis of modern economics!img
1 K e n  D o l l , the Austrian School economist.img
24Andy wondersimg why Wikipedia doesn't mindlessly repeat everything he says about abortion.
20User: Why not confirm accounts individually?img Andy: That would compromise our mission of full and easy public access and contributions, as summarized in this page I created about myself. Godspeed!img
10Andy: Editorializing in mainspaceimg about how Mormons are not True Christians is Wikipedia style.img
26It is an "evolutionist lie"img to point out that brothers share more than 50% of their genes.img
54The best example of Andy's Law since "Muslims don't dance": "An intelligent designer is not constrained by an idiotic straight-jacket of consistency."img
53Andy gives us a linkimg to a professor damning his "translation" of the Bible. The professor "James F. McGrath is an associate professor of religion at Butler University in Indianapolis". Andy: "His one-sided article illustrates why liberals should no longer be trusted to translate the Bible in secret." Those professor values get everywhere, don't they? UPDATE: Andy realizes that he is getting too close to a libel suit.img
45Andy: Wikipedia's math articles "merely try to show off."img (For completeness, note that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and a repository of knowledge. The learning resource is Wikiversity.)
84DWiggins: Andy, your anecdotal global warming evidence is bunk.img Andy: Global warming is an unfalsifiable lib-burr-rul theory and is not science.img
DWiggins: I'm just saying you're giving bad evidence.img Andy: Be more logical. Reading the Bible would help.img
DWiggins: This is about climatology, not theology.img BMcP: DWiggins isn't arguing for global warming.img Andy, starting to splutter: You're going against logic now. You have free will to be illogical.img
DWiggins: Learn some statistics, Andy.img Andy winds up the psychological projection knob: DWiggins, you're babbling nonsense in defense of proven fraudsters who irrationally refuse to read the Bible.img
GRAND FINALE: User is "Politely removed"img from site.
27Andy is sore because the SAT II asks a question about "one of the homosexual movement's favorite pop artists."img DouglasA: Tellmewhoitisandycomeonpleasepleaseplease!img Andy: Does the name "Andy Schlafly Warhol" ring a bell?img
48User: Can we use the dictionary definition of "liberal"?img Andy: The dictionary definition is false. Liberals are people who favor taxpayer-funded abortion, censorship of classroom prayer, and just about anything that is anti-Christian.img
51Karajou thinks people in 1491 held the earth to be flat.img A user sets him straightimg and is dulyimg rewarded.img. But Andy himself disagrees.img
9User: Andy, how many of your students did well on AP history?img Andy (four minutes later after some serious research): All of them.img
62User: Andy, I work in a scientific field and I've never met a biologist who denies evolution.img Andy: You need to get out more, then. And I bet you don't read the most logical book ever, the Bible.img
37User: Hitler twisted both evolution and Christianity.img Andy: Do you deny that Josef Mengele was an evolutionist?img
44Andy: "Logic prevails. That's why the American voters continue to move to the right."img Andy apparently missed the last two elections.
24Bert is thankfulimg that Conservapedia censors opposing views while embracing crazy far-right ideology without a need for citations.
40Andy: Wikipedia is asic like a 3rd grade essay contest that gives points for more words.img Psychological projection much? Furthermore, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia without lectures and model answersimg. Who ever heard of such a thing? This just in: Wikipedia has never helped a student like Conservapedia has!img If only there were evidence...
42Jinx hi Jinx!: Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is a sloppy wet kiss from socialists.img A greater man would've turned it down. BMcP: Uh, Jinx, the only man who ever turned the prize down was a Red.img
46Colbert viewer: Andy, your blog is more biased than Wikipedia.img Andy: We shock liberals with startling new information at which they pretend to be offended. That's how they argue for censoring school prayer.img Colbert viewer: I wasn't surprised, and prayer wasn't censored in my public high school.img Andy: You must support censoring conservative speech. Let's banhammer liberals allow liberals only to "silently" express themselves in a moment of silence for them.img
4Ed apparently missed Andy's memoimg about there being no conservatives in Europe at all, let alone on the university faculties there.
35Jpatt: Jimmy Carter is a "racist Jew-basher"img.
24Stephen Colbert has taught Jpatt some fancy new words.img
27It seems that Andy has no hard feelings toward Colbertimg What was that again about liberal friendship, Andy?
-14And the site has crashed. Colbert Nation must have been a bit too much...
-3The first of the Colbert visitorsimg is blocked politely removedimg.
67Andy on his Conservapedia's upcoming Colbert Report appearance: Hopefully we won't have to explain what the Bible is!img Stephen Colbert teaches Sunday school. Tonight, who will be schooling whom?
60The weeks get shorter and the toons get weakerimg.UPDATE:and weakerimg
19Economics student: The answer is 1000 divided by 1.12.img Andy: Incorrect.img The answer is actually 1000 divided by 1.12. The next day: Andy: "I don't why I mis-graded this the first time."img [sic]
272Andyimg is going to be on the Colbert Report.
88Andy arms his troops with hollow-point soundbitesimg for the upcoming Conservapedia media onslaught. In other news, Andy sits nervously by the phone waiting for Rupert Murdoch's purchase offer.
18The weakest of the weakly toons so farimg Although quim-free this time!
-9Bert adds his rejected Chick tractimg script to Conservapedia.
104Parodist: I am a pastor, and I will use your conservative Bible to lead my flockimg. Andy: You will have the honour to be the first of the "not unexpected" many!img
149"It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought—that is, a thought diverging from the principles of Ingsoc—should be literally unthinkableimg, at least so far as thought is dependent on words."
31TK: This is an encyclopedia, dammit, so we don't have to explain our viewpoints to you dirty liberals!img UPDATE: Block of Infinite ain't enough...INFINITE x2!img
9Ed, whose brain is obviously stuck circa 1991, makes a stubimg with more red links than actual text.
9Andy gets help from an unlikely source.img It's sad how wrong they are.
28Jesus taketh the stretcher, perceiveth the closed-mindedness, and reason is a synonym for doubt. He doth decree it.img
21Andy: We here at CP embrace "open minds" and "free speech," just don't use them here.img